Where Are The Cries Of Astroturf Now?

Protestors crowded themselves into various banking buildings in NYC today, crying out against the evil Wall Street greed and questionable lending practices of banks. They want the Financial District to do something about all of the lost jobs and the fact that people are losing their homes. To their credit, aside from being a bit boisterous and having to be escorted out by police, I have not heard any talk of unruly or violent behavior.

I would, however, suggest that if the protestors want to go after those responsible, they carry the march down to the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. After all, the laws ALLOWING banks to act as they did, in fact encouraging it, were approved by many of the very same officials now berating the likes of Goldman Sachs.

One thing I would like to note is the following from the AP:

Thousands of workers and union members were expected at the rally, organized by the AFL-CIO and an association of community groups.

Just where are the cries of Astroturf from Nancy Pelosi and her ilk? The Tea Party movement, started by normal citizens who are fed up with the growing government intrusion is not legitimate, but groups that are obviously and admittedly organized and bussed in by Big Union are? I hardly think that is the case. Had this been a Tea Party event, I have no doubt all of the violence and ‘police escorting’ would make national headlines and be the topic of conversation for days.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Unions Poised To Bilk Billions From Non-Unions

Big Labor got a sweet deal from the administration. At first, Glorious Leader said that he wanted a tax on all of those high-priced insurance plans. Before I go on, though, I have a question about that. Why? Why would you want to make UN-affordable, what some families find affordable? Why are you wanting those folks to drop their high priced insurance? Is this your way of punishing people who are successful?

So now the unions, with their millions in campaign contributions hard at work, have struck a deal. If a union member has a ‘Cadillac’ plan they are exempt from the proposed tax. The result? We The People will just have to pay more, I guess. Also, the business part of the bill that mandates all business provide healthcare for all employees, or pay a fine (tax). There was an exemption for small business with under 50 employees. Because of our labor union thugs, that exemption has since been removed.

The union goons even said that they intended this in order to get an advantage over non-union businesses. Maybe instead of trying to cheat your way, arm-twist your way and go about your normal business of corruption, you should see WHY non-union businesses are doing better than you…. like.. dissolve your union.

You can read more here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

How Much Do You Love School

Glorious Leader once again let Americans know just how much they suck with regards to the rest of the world. Not only do we teach our kids crap, but we don’t teach that crap for long enough periods.

Apparently, schools are just not there for the children. Now GL wants them to have shorter summers. He wants them to be available on weekends and for longer hours during the day. Of course, I am quite sure that the Teacher’s Union will be HAPPY to accommodate his request. Just show them the money.

I guess the fact that the crap we teach our kids- which is truly crap – has no bearing on how badly we suck compared to the rest of the world. Like every other liberal before him, GL thinks that tossing more money at it will fix the problem.

Ask the poor or the drug users how much our government money has fixed their problems.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Unions Will Destroy Our Country

Anyone that thinks unions are rally a good thing is blind to just how bad they are for our country’s economic health.

The union cries about its worker’s pay, yet the continued ‘negotiating’ of higher wages leads the employer to raise the cost of goods. The employer is less profitable and so it must make business decisions that hurt the employee (force reduction, outsourcing, etc). When change that works is proposed, the union actively fights against it. For example, the teacher’s union refuses to allow merit pay for teachers. Why? Because it is not fair to the others? A teacher who does well does not deserve higher pay than those that are really poor? The union seems to think so, else why do they lobby so hard against it? If the teachers got better pay and did not need a union (which they don’t, but the unions will strong-arm them into line) then the union is bust.

What about what the big unions are doing now? They want banks who received bailout money to not be allowed to lobby for what they believe is good for their business. Actually, what they want, is a few select anti-union folks to be quieted. You can read the article here at the Wall Street Journal. It is amazing to me that anyone can defend any union. In the past they had a purpose. However, laws nowadays prevent all but the most extreme of cases.

Tell the unions to back off. This is America, and they are damping our ability to succeed.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Why The Education System Sucks

Look at Detroit and the UAW (United Auto Workers Union). One need look no further to understand why the education system is in such a shambles. They are unions. And unions are killing almost every industry they run.

The NEA (National Education Association) works hard to prevent any reform of education whatsoever. Its lone beating mantra is more money for teachers, more money for teachers, and more money for teachers. Why would they want more teachers?

They will then have more dues paying members, of course.

But let there be real reform. How about merit pay instead of contracted pay? People are so paranoid that the EVIL school boards will rip off the POOR teachers. But under contract, the board is forced to pay a crappy teacher the same as a teacher willing to put in extra effort and who has proven results.

In LA, when most of the schools received failing grades, the local NEA blocked the board’s attempt to institute merit pay for teachers, saying that it would be ‘a cold day in hell’ when they allowed that sort of reform to occur.

When the St. Petersburg Times asked Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association executive director Jade Moore why few teachers were signing up for the merit pay program the union helped design for the school district, Moore replied, “Our goal was to make it nearly impossible.

Imagine that. A union whose sole purpose is to extort dues from its members and block education reform.

Don’t get me wrong. At one time in our history unions played a valuable part. But with modern society, myriad of new laws governing the workplace, the time for unions is over. All they do is strip the employer of any ability to make a profit or function freely. Look at the auto workers who get 95% pay even when laid off. Or the teacher who is so crappy and involved with scandal that he is removed from the classroom- and moved to an office with the school board at the same pay he was getting as a teacher, because the union contract prevented his dismissal.

People are crying out about the budget cuts. What is the answer? Give the schools more federal funding? When does the begging stop? I am all for federal subsidies for education. It is one of the few areas where I am FOR federal money.

But look at D.C. They have a voucher scholarship program that allows kids to go to private schools. D.C, OUR CAPITAL has some of the worst schools in the country. And with his new $410 billion bill, Obama is cutting the program funding and forcing all of those poor kids back into the crappy public schools.

For the children my ass. It is all about keeping people ignorant and uneducated so they won’t have a clue what is really being done to them.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?