Stimulate Me

The numbers are in and Glorious Leader’s cronies are touting the result of the $787 billion porkulus project. They say that we are in much better shape than we would have been, had we done nothing, but over at Ed Morrissey shows differently.

How’s about the president tout the latest Real Earnings report? Oh wait. Nothing changed.
What about how well it affected minority workers? Oh wait, they are still the hardest hit by unemployment.
What about the overall great affect it has had on the unemployment? Oh wait, it is still at 10%, with 85,000 jobs lost during the HOLIDAY season, a time when jobs usually pick up.

Watch your wallet, folks, if they think THIS is good, you know they will find a way to push through Son of Porkulus (which has already been brought up). These IDIOTS are going to kill us all dead before they are through.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Inflate, Lie, Mislead, Repeat

The new stimulus-related jobs report is coming out. In it, Glorious Leader claims that the $787 Billion Porkulus Package “saved or created” some 600,000 jobs. His economic guru says it is more like 1.5 million.

How can you say jobs are saved or created when we have lost millions more than we created? I am talking NET results. I freely admit that if you spend billions of dollars there will be some jobs saved. You might even manufacture a few new positions. But this crap about saved or created has got to go. Our unemployment rate is pushing ten percent overall (40% in parts of California!). The president’s own expert said that all of the simulation we are going to get has already occurred. Excuse me?

My argument is, and always has been, what do we do when the money runs out? Cash for Clunkers gave a great boost to the auto industry. Now what? More programs? What about the electronics folks? Why did we not save Circuit City? Do we not want Best Buy to have competition? The housing industry got a great boost from the $8,000 tax credit for new home buyers. Now they want to extend it until April, and some want to expand it so every home buyer will be eligible.

When will we stop? If I bribe my kids enough they will mow my lawn and do the dishes. What happens when I stop paying? So will the chores. It is the exact same with American citizens. If you agree to pay them enough they will blindly do what you want. But, like every government idea, we- the tax payer- will then have to permanently foot the bill. Otherwise we are right back where we were but with a huge bill to pay.

I think we need more economists and CPA’s in congress and many less lawyers.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

A Revolutionary Idea We Can All Be Proud Of

I took a week or so off because my head was swimming with all of the crap going on around us. From the Health care fiasco to cap and tax to SCOTUS confirmation hearings and talk of another round of non-stimulus I was about to throw myself off the roof of a tall building. Glenn Beck mentioned the same thing on his radio program but was dissuaded by a caller because doing so might put Mr. Beck in the flight path of Air Force One.

Too rich. If you don’t get the joke, Google Air Force One and New York City.

Health care is the current agenda item that Glorious Leader is attempting to ram (Rahm?) through congress. There is hope that it will die in committee, so cross your fingers. I am all for reform of the current health care system in the United States, but moving to a federally mandated and subsidized system is not the way to go. Check out Steven Crowder, comedian and PJTV reporter, who went to his native Canada to see just how great the system is working for them there. After all, many in congress are saying it is working great and we need to model after them.

What did he find? While I have no doubt it was slightly slanted to the right, the fact that many in Canada (and France) have to buy private insurance as a subsidy to their free health care should tell you something. Wait times can be incredibly long for even some serious cases and getting a real family doctor can take upwards of three years. Until then, try not to get sick on Sunday. All clinics are closed.

With all of our glorious pundits roaming the halls of congress, and many of them practitioners of law, I thought it was a BRILLIANT idea by Ed Morrissey of He has a fantastic article detailing how, if the government can take something as convoluted as our health care system and make it right by running it themselves under a single-payer system, perhaps they should do the same for legal services.

Yep. Just create LegalCare, a government agency tasked with setting all legal fees for every lawyer. That way, we all achieve our constitutioanl RIGHT to legal representation by the best in the field; not just some lame duck public defender. Check out his article. It will make you stand up and cheer Hell Yeah!

But Michelle Malkin’s video will make you scream Hell NO!

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

States’ Rights Now Gone The Way Of The Pontiac

For years, the 10th Amendment held that states had more power than the federal government. If a state decided that the fed had over stepped its bounds, they didn’t have to follow along.

Then there is the issue of the courts. I was under the impression that courts ruled OPINION but that it was up to the states to implement the ruling into law. States did not have to obey what the court said if they did not want to. Granted, most times the ruling was made to law, but many times it did not. Most times the court decision was followed because (I guess) people are stupid. I suppose this happens when we get away from teaching the constitution and begin to teach case law instead. It is so much more fluid and progressive.

Now comes the ultimate usurpation of a state’s rights. When the PORKULUS bill was passed, there was a section added that said if a governor elected to NOT take stimulus money, the state legislature could override him. Imagine that. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT dictating what a STATE could do or not do.

In South Carolina, Governor Sanford refused the money. Well, actually, of the 2.8 billion coming their way, he had direct control over $700 million. He refused to take it. Bring on the idiotic liberal pinheads, including the HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT who has absolutely no idea what the hell she is talking about and a liberal court system and you have a decision that kills the right of a state to decide for itself what is best.

The court said that the governor has NO POWER to refuse ANY of the PORKULUS money. So, not South Carolina is giving up the fight and taking all of the money. As well, they are going to be strapped with all of the strings that come with that funding.

I truly feel for those who say they were going to lose their jobs because of it. Sorry. If I lose my job I will go on unemployment while looking for another. I don’t care about what kind of work. I will seek a job in my field, anywhere in the country, until I either find one or am forced to work outside my field.

The liberal mantra is always the same: we will cut services because we cannot find anywhere else to cut. So, people will cry out and scream bloody murder that those opposing the spending are hate mongers, anti-this or that or whatever other slanderous term they can think of.

I won’t say I hope that things turn from bad to worse just to spite them, that is totally against what I stand for. However, I firmly believe in the deepest part of my heart that this country is completely screwed. When the funding ends (imagine that, just in time for the 2012 elections) then we will be right in the same spot we have always been in, just a whole lot deeper in debt. Wat then? Shall we dig even deeper for even MORE money? When does the ride end?

I think the teachers that were losing their jobs SHOULD lose their jobs. NO, not ALL of them, but I have no doubt that a large portion of them spent years pressing the Progressive aganda to the hilt. Look where it has brought our country.

IDIOTS. They have killed states’ rights even further. Soon they will go the way of the Pontiac.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Give Me My Share Of the Stimulus

The government has decided that they are not going to bother with tracking just WHERE all of the stimulus money is going. Now, they are going to rely on the average, everyday citizen to do the job for them. Well, if I am going to do this, they had better damn well fork over some money for my time. After all, in this economy, the worst since Sodom and Gomorrah, average everyday citizens need all of the help they can get.

So just who’s tracking that $787 billion in taxpayer money that President Obama and the Democrat-led Congress are doling out? You are. Or you’re supposed to be, anyway.

It is such a joke that only 3 of the 10 committee members even bothered to show up to the meeting. Imagine that. Congress failing to do its sworn duty.


The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Mr. Spock Now Sports A Goatee

Because we are in a flipping ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!

Like the famous Star Trek episode where they were dumped into an alternate universe, where up was down, left was right and right was wrong, and Spock had a beard we are now wading our way through a similar story. From the Saipan Tribune, the government of the Northern Mariana Islands is applying for $3 million in federal money from the PORKULUS package to help get Food Stamps for ‘permanent residents.’

These residents are foreigners who have been granted permanent status on the island. Still foreign, but no need to constantly renew your visa. Now, though, because they may be poor, we are going to help FUND them. Why are we not asking their country of origin to fund this? Maybe because we all know that the USA is the Welfare State Department of the New World Order?

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!! My head is going to explode. I may need to schedule an additional BTR show this week to pressure relieve some of this.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Party Time, American Style

UPDATE: Check out the live tweets!

UPDATE: The pictures and videos roll in!

April 15th has traditionally been looked at with dread by many people. It is the day when the taxman cometh and taketh away all our hard earned wealth. Not to sound all EXTREMIST or anything, but has ANYONE ever found the law that says we are REQUIRED to pay Federal Income Taxes? After all, if the CONSTITUTION says that the only taxes authorized to be levied are direct (which must be apportioned- i.e. equal for all) and indirect (which are taxes on items that can be avoided, like gas and tobacco) then where are Federal Income Taxes (which are graduated, based on income) authorized?

Answer? They are not. We are not required by LAW to pay them. Of course, in saying so I shall now be toted off to a re-education camp, labeled a radical right-wing extremist and/or written off as a loon. Still, if you have the law available, may I read it? After that I will bring it to the Supreme Court, who has ruled numerous times that the Federal Income tax is not in law anywhere. Well, technically, they say that the 16th amendment never gave congress power to levy NEW forms of tax- i.e. Federal Income Tax. (And one district court judge, in 2003, commented that the amendment has never been properly ratified by the states!)

So any help you can give is appreciated. The more who visit and comment, the more I learn. So help me out here!

I hope to see you in Orlando today. It is going to be an EXTREMIST EXTREMELY great time.

Michelle Malkin has a great piece on the evolution of these events. Read the article, because you won’t find the information in the MSM anywhere (unless you are lucky).

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

More Media Collapse

The Associated Press (AP) recently published an article examining the ‘fuzzy’ math of the non-stimulus package. Although they did not say it in so many words, I will: the numbers put forth by the congressional charlatans in charge were pulled from the nether regions of the Wicked Witch of the West, Lurch (Reid) and Glorious Leader.

Well, the AP must surely be patting themselves in the back for passing 3rd grade math, because they are back at it. This time, they are looking at the alleged job saving/creation being non-stimulated in Massachusetts.

Is there a trend? Are the media coming around to the reality of what is going on? I doubt it, but dreams are what this country is made of.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Buget Office Gives the REAL Numbers

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has the CBO numbers.

A few weeks back, if you may recall, our Glorious Leader spearheaded the passing of a $787 billion non-stimulus package. It was their answer to the great economic crisis, a crisis brought about by spending too much money on consumption and no money on production. It is obvious that they knew what they were doing. Even the lowly, common man understands the need to spend money to get out of debt.

At that time, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the very people who, in a non-partisan way, calculate out the annual budgets and how they will affect the economy. At that time the CBO said that the massive spend fest would bring a slight increase to the economy at first, but over the 10 year run it would leave us worse off than we started. That, alone, should have been reason enough to pause and actually read the bill, but no one cared and so continued the orgy of spending.

Today, after having a few weeks to accurately crunch the numbers, the CBO has published their adjusted findings. What were those findings? At the time of this writing, the unnoficial report is that it is about $1 trillion more than originally anticipated. You can read about it here, however, so when the official number is released you will be in th eknow..

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?