Unions Poised To Bilk Billions From Non-Unions

Big Labor got a sweet deal from the administration. At first, Glorious Leader said that he wanted a tax on all of those high-priced insurance plans. Before I go on, though, I have a question about that. Why? Why would you want to make UN-affordable, what some families find affordable? Why are you wanting those folks to drop their high priced insurance? Is this your way of punishing people who are successful?

So now the unions, with their millions in campaign contributions hard at work, have struck a deal. If a union member has a ‘Cadillac’ plan they are exempt from the proposed tax. The result? We The People will just have to pay more, I guess. Also, the business part of the bill that mandates all business provide healthcare for all employees, or pay a fine (tax). There was an exemption for small business with under 50 employees. Because of our labor union thugs, that exemption has since been removed.

The union goons even said that they intended this in order to get an advantage over non-union businesses. Maybe instead of trying to cheat your way, arm-twist your way and go about your normal business of corruption, you should see WHY non-union businesses are doing better than you…. like.. dissolve your union.

You can read more here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


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