Unions Will Destroy Our Country

Anyone that thinks unions are rally a good thing is blind to just how bad they are for our country’s economic health.

The union cries about its worker’s pay, yet the continued ‘negotiating’ of higher wages leads the employer to raise the cost of goods. The employer is less profitable and so it must make business decisions that hurt the employee (force reduction, outsourcing, etc). When change that works is proposed, the union actively fights against it. For example, the teacher’s union refuses to allow merit pay for teachers. Why? Because it is not fair to the others? A teacher who does well does not deserve higher pay than those that are really poor? The union seems to think so, else why do they lobby so hard against it? If the teachers got better pay and did not need a union (which they don’t, but the unions will strong-arm them into line) then the union is bust.

What about what the big unions are doing now? They want banks who received bailout money to not be allowed to lobby for what they believe is good for their business. Actually, what they want, is a few select anti-union folks to be quieted. You can read the article here at the Wall Street Journal. It is amazing to me that anyone can defend any union. In the past they had a purpose. However, laws nowadays prevent all but the most extreme of cases.

Tell the unions to back off. This is America, and they are damping our ability to succeed.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


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