The Force Is Strong

UPDATE: They are unhinged to the point of becoming tin foil hatters. Now they want lefties to take our picture to prove we are being paid.

The elite media and those who serve them are becoming unhinged. Remember one of the cardinal rules found in Rules For Radicals – Ridicule your enemy. Having ridicule thrown in your face is hard, because there is no real way to argue the point. You can argue the point of no big government. You can argue the point that global warming climate change is not man made. You can argue the point that illegal immigration is very, very bad for the country.

But argue them calling you a doodie head? Calling you a tin foil hatter or birther? How do you argue that? The conversation goes from making the points above to defending yourself. Once you start down that road, you are on a slippery slope. You are in danger of invalidating everything that you and others are working to achieve by letting your emotions overwhelm your intellect.

Don’t let the media drive the conversation. In the famous words of Red Leader speaking to Luke Skywalker as they entered the final approach to the Death Star, “Stay on target.”

With all of the laser cannons blasting at them, trying in vain to swat the gnat-like x-wings “Stay on target.” They cannot get us with the broad sweeping rhetoric, so they have taken to sending out imperial tie-fighters to attack us individually. Stay strong. Stay on point. Do not fall for their side-bar engagement. The fact that the mouthpiece media and Democrat leadership are beginning to attack, personally, those who are dissenting means that we have struck a nerve and they are afraid.

We are here to stay. The force is with us. Stay on target.

On a completely unrelated note, these are the people we are supposed to trust with our country?

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Nuts Are At It Again

The entitlement generation is in constant motion. I see it in my oldest sons (twins, 17) when they refuse to do what we ask, but cry and whine and complain just as much when we do not do for them. I say that turnabout is fair play, or, do unto others as you would have done unto you, but what do I know. I also say that family is the most important group on Earth (though my time in the military took me away a LOT when they were growing up).

I have been concerned, then, over what seems to be this growing sense of entitlement in today’s America. And, it isn’t just the youth, which is to be expected. Kids are a bit selfish (in general) because we parents DO provide for them; some to extreme ends, but all of us at least for basic needs (psycho parents who dump their kids not included). But not only are the youth of today expecting to have everything handed to them, but those moving into adulthood seem to be of the same mindset.

Pushing the entitlement agenda from the root is the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). This vile group has been at the heart of corruption investigations all over the country. Its employees (and management) has been CONVICTED of fraud numerous times, and its parent organization spawns an unfollowable web of deceit and money laundering the likes of which would make Al Capone proud.

ACORN recently helped evicted homeowners break back into the homes they lost due to foreclosure and the media scarcely covered it. Some even agreed with them. Now, they are back in action. Instead of illegally cutting locks and getting people to squat in their old homes, the group is now encouraging citizens to mob financial institutions. It seems that ACORN is upset that these financial groups are not participating in a government program designed to lend people money who cannot afford it.

Huh. Funny. Isn’t that what got us into this problem? Unfortunately, for us and all concerned, ACORN could care less about that. They see a way of exploiting people’s ire at the financial groups who were portrayed as predatory and evil. ACORN does not want it known that those who took money to finance way over their heads are just as to blame; that the federal government that encouraged banks to lend to low-income families set the rules that allowed the entire system to fail.

America is on a downward spiral. All that has changed since Glorious Leader got elected is the rate at which we head toward the bottom.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Will The Corruption Ever Stick

I doubt that anything done by ACORN or, now, Project Vote will lead back to Glorious Leader. However, he worked closely with both of these corrupt organizations while he was ‘community organizing’ Chicago into oblivion.

Now Project Vote has come out to file a federal lawsuit against one of its former members, Anita Moncrief. Anita is well known for being a whistleblower on the corruption and illegal activity of these two groups. Because of that, the groups are now taking President Obama’s tactics and applying them to the fullest. I have no doubt that they are trying to strong arm her into retracting her comments, but am hopeful that Anita stands strong.

This blog, small that we are, stands firm in supporting Anita and want her to know that we will keep the word passing along so that the world knows the truth.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

More Proof Regarding Media Bias

It should not come as ANY surprise that there is a plethora of bias running rampant through our media. However, the normal routine is to deny any bias and try to pass itself off as a hard-nosed, objective journalistic outlet.

Michelle Malkin reminds us what was said back in 2007, by editor Bill Keller:

…we are agnostic as to where a story may lead; we do not go into a story with an agenda or a pre-conceived notion. We do not manipulate or hide facts to advance an agenda. We strive to preserve our independence from political and economic interests, including our own advertisers. We do not work in the service of a party, or an industry, or even a country. When there are competing views of a situation, we aim to reflect them as clearly and fairly as we can.

So you see, outlets like the NYT feel themselves (or try to pass themselves off ) to be high on integrity. They only care about the truth.

Now, however, read the truth. Unbiased my butt. These folks are still trying hard to convince America that this Administration is good for us.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Nuttier Than A… Well… ACORN

UPDATE: Kansas Secretary of State candidate calls ACORN a criminal enterprise.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is a well-known and documented organization. They are at the center of numerous investigations into its illegal voter registration practices and at last count over 14 states have charges pending against the group. And this is not the first time. Employees of ACORN have been found guilty on numerous occasions.

From the Gateway Pundit:

** St Louis City election officials discover almost 1,500 fraudulent voter registration cards turned in by ACORN workers (AP, October 11, 2006)
** St Louis County election officials find hundreds of fraudulent address changes, most of which were submitted by ACORN (Post-Dispatch, October 25, 2006)
** Secretary of State Robin Carnahan orders St. Louis Elections Board to approve more than 5,000 of fraudulent voter registration cards submitted by ACORN. (
** FBI launches investigation into ACORN voter registration fraud (KC Star, October 24, 2006)
** ACORN workers caught on tape admitting they were urged to solicit votes for Claire McCaskill’s campaign for U.S. Senate (
** Four ACORN workers indicted for submitting as many as 1,000 fraudulent voter registration cards in the Kansas City area Each later pleads guilty (KC Star, November 2, 2006)

** Kansas City ACORN worker indicted for election fraud and identity theft (AP, January 6, 2007)

** Eight employees of ACORN plead guilty to election fraud in federal court. Their activities included submitting registration cards with forged signatures and false names. (Post-Dispatch, April, 2, 2008)
** Jackson County reports 100s of fraudulent registrations from ACORN (AP, October 9, 2008)
** FBI launches national investigation into ACORN voter registration fraud, seeks evidence from Kansas City elections board (KC Star, October 17, 2008)

ACORN worker pleads guilty to federal charges for submitting fraudulent voter registrations. (AP, March 24, 2009)

From the Washington Post yesterday (5/7/2009):

Pennsylvania ACORN Workers Charged: Seven Pittsburgh area ACORN workers were charged with falsifying voter-registration forms, with six accused of doing so to meet the group’s alleged quota system before last year’s general election. District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr. said he is hoping that the workers charged Thursday will help authorities determine whether Allegheny County ACORN officials will be charged with requiring the illegal quotas or otherwise directing that voter registrations be faked.

During this time, congress held hearings into some of these allegations. Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan) claimed that what he had heard was serious enough to warrant a full investigation. Some in the House have introduced legislation to ban ANY group under investigation from receiving federal money. It seemed as though this bipartisan effort to root out the issues was going to hit ACORN hard and thus be a great day for the American Justice system.

Like all good combat, though, the struggle moved back and forth, each side sparring and parrying the blows from its opponent. At the last second, defeat is yanked from the jaws of victory and we find ourselves having to regroup and determine what the next course of action. Such was the case recently when said Rep. decided that pursuing ACORN’s corruption was not the thing to do.

Say again? Since when is corruption not an issue to be investigated?

Oh. Wait. Most ethical and transparent congress ever. Right. I had forgotten.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

New Obama Ties To ACORN

UPDATE: Kansas Secretary of State candidate calls ACORN a criminal enterprise.

Before you start screaming RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIIIIIIISSSSST, I am not saying that an association with a radical, left-wing, fraud-promoting group is BAD. I will say, however, that a judge who will affect (or, more likely in this case effect) interpretation of the Constitution should not have any direct ties to croups like this.

However, Glorious Leader has once again proven that he cares not so much for the following of our founding document as finding people who are willing to trample all over it or, at worst, find ways to circumvent its meanings.

His first judicial appointment shows that he truly does want America to Change. His nominee actually went out and held fund raisers for ACORN. Surely the TOTUS can tell Glorious Leader to pick an actual impartial judge? Someone, say, NOT from Chicago? Unfortunately, fixing his change will be a massive undertaking.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Yum! Obamacorn Is Da Best!

ACORN was all over the news- and in the courts- for voter fraud during this past election cycle. With all that has transpired since the November elections, the constant face of corruption and fraud popping up in this administration, it is no wonder that they are back in the limelight.

What for this time?

ACORN shall be a partner in collecting the census data. Which, of course, until further notice will go right to the White House, who is still controlling it.

*Sigh* How many fronts are we going to have to fight at one time? My head is starting to ache.

The revolution is atbhand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Barack Actually Loses A Vote

Poor Mr. Obama. All of this time he has been steamrolling through the political landscape. He was so lucky that all of those lawsuits caused his opponents to withdraw from state legislature campaigns. All of those folks who signed petitions to get their people on the ballot were surely disappointed at the obvious corrupt practices at work, but it is obvious that they could not see the future.

Lucky for him, too, that his campaign website had the security turned off so that anyone anywhere in the world could donate as much and as often as they wanted, or he might not have gotten the $500 million to run his smooth and coordinated efforts in all of the swing states. Heck, it even allowed people from New York, who were going to school in England, to fly to Ohio to get out the vote (and vote there, as well).

Yes sir, our Mr. Obama sure has lived a charmed political life. It is with a sad heart, however, that I must now announce his first loss.

The folks at the Interested Participant have the scoop.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

ACORN Calls For Civil Disobedience

So I guess if it worked in the 60’s and 70’s, it will work here. The problem is, however, in the 60’s people were civically disobedient to correct a major tragedy- civil rights for blacks. They were also civically disobedient towards the Vietnam war. They exercised their right, as is put forth by our constitution.

Now, however, the voter-fraud leaders of the pack (ACORN) say this:

“On Feb. 19, ACORN members will launch a new tactic in fighting foreclosures: civil disobedience. Participants in the ACORN Home Savers campaign nationwide will simply refuse to move out of foreclosed homes, or in some cases, will move back in. ACORN homesteaders intend to squat in their homes until a comprehensive, federal solution for people facing foreclosure is put in place.” [HatTip: Michelle Malkin]

So, basically, because some people got themselves in over their head, or they fell on hard times and got evicted from their homes, it is the governments responsibility to save them?

Why do we bother?

Damn it, I cannot pay for my groceries, so I am going to stage a sit-in at the local Winn-Dixie until they give me food for my family.


The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?