Elections Have Consequences

Yesterday there were elections all over the country. None bigger was the gubernatorial election in the great state of Virginia. We lost. They won.

Terry McAuliffe, Democrat, narrowly squeaked out a win. To be honest, I did not care to look at the final tally (I am told is was under 3%) because it does not matter. We lost. They won.

What I find most disturbing is the immediate finger pointing and blaming that went on from my friends on the right. Many blamed Cuccinelli for causing a rift with the RNC and thus getting no funding. Others blamed the Libertarian crowd for voting third-party  (who received around 6-7%). Still others blamed the establishment Republicans for doing nothing to help their candidate. (Including so-called Conservative Chris Christie, who won his own state with over 60%.)

In the end, what does it matter? Let the Democrats gloat; while they are, get our collective asses out there and spread the message. We narrowed a large gap in a couple of weeks. Many were saying that McAuliffe would win by 7-12+ points. He didn’t. He barely won. We barely lost.

The mere fact that we did almost win is reason for optimism. We have to continue to hammer our messages home. If there is a candidate, make sure they are fully vetted. Make sure, if it is discovered that the third party might be a plant (as was evidenced by a huge Obama supporter raising funds for the third party guy), make sure it goes viral.

We own the internet. Progressives cannot touch us in that arena. Our word resonates, when articulated correctly. We saw that here when merely pushing the Affordable Healthcare Act news brought victory within our grasp.

Don’t quibble. Don’t moan and groan. Steal your resolve. Elections have consequences. Virginia will learn that, if ‘Big Mac’ has his way. But so does going against the will of the People. Get ready for 2014. We should already be gearing up.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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