First Of many To Come MSNBC Pokes

MSNBC, the official network of Obamanation, has shown just WHY their ratings are in the tubes compared to powerhouses like FOX news.

While covering the recent Virginia gubernatorial primary, they put up a graphic of WEST Virginia.

Nice. Keep up the GREAT work. We in the blogosphere need material to write about.


The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Too Rich

I’m sorry. I like Keith Olbermann…

…when he is doing his ESPN thing. I have always thought him pretty decent. But as a news anchor the guy is an IDIOT. He tries so hard to play with the big boys by bashing everything that does not agree with his liberal bias.

Too bad he never researches what the hell he is broadcasting about.

I rest my case.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Rachel Maddow Is An Idiot

It is like watching a horrifying accident in progress. You know it is wrong to watch. You know you should look away out respect for those about to die.  But, the scene is just too unbelievable not too watch. Surely there must be some magical TV stuff working in the background to make it look worse than it actually is.

In this case, however, it was all of a train wreck and more. I never watch MSNBC. I am particularly repulsed by Keith Slobberman, but I was flipping through the channels and came across Rachael Maddow talking about Obama. She was being critical!

But, she was being critical for the wrong reason. You see, most economists (her words) tell Rachael that we need to pump this massive amount of money into our infrastructure. We must make jobs to build bridges and patch roads and fix schools and update broadband and make jobs (which taxpayers will then be on the hook for supporting evermore). We cannot afford the ‘failed economic policies’ of the past (I mean tax cuts- those evil things introduced by Satan Bush II).

Why was Ms. Maddow upset? Obama met with bipartisan leaders regarding the proposed stimulus. The House Republicans expressed concern over the size of the bill. To them it is just  huge chunk of pork, waiting to be spent in a haphazard and ill-advised manner by a congress rushing our economy headlong over a cliff. Obama looked at them and said, point blank, "I won."

"I won."

So much for bringing all sides together. However, Mrs. Maddow was upset that even though Obama stuck it to the minority House (which she gloated over) the proposed bill still had an abundance of  tax cuts. Tax cuts that will get money into the economy much faster than trying to spend our way out. Faster than the estimated 10 years it will take for all of the proposed funding to be spent. Only about 10% of the money would even be spent in the first year. By that time, economists project that we will be long out of our recession.

But, since tax cuts are associated with former President Bush they must be bad. What kills me the most about her insane ramblings is that these tax cuts are all targeted at small business and middle class families. Are these not the same people Obama said he was going to help? Are these not the same tax cut proposals main stream media outlets went wild over during the campaign season?

It is no wonder that MSNBC was 27th in the ratings. With idiots like Slobberman and Maddow, I don’t see them getting much better.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?