Culture Of Corruption Continues

With the bankruptcy of GM it is expected that there has to be some change. With any restructure, the courts help to adjust contracts and liquidate assets so as to allow the business a good chance of fixing whatever ails them.

In this case, however, there is something amiss. First of all, in an effort to “help” themselves, the company is closing (read: ripping up the contracts with) many of its dealerships. While at first this sounds like a good cost-cutting effort, the fact is that these dealerships pay for the vehicles when they receive them. GM already has received its money so closing these businesses does NOTHING to help them.

Secondly, a lawyer involved with the case took depositions from some of the management on the inside of GM. What they claim is that they felt it was VERY BAD BUSINESS to stop their association with the dealers, but that the WHITE HOUSE was dictating to them that the businesses needed to go. There is still no word as to how these particular dealers were targeted, but there have been reports rumoured that a large (read- interesting) number of dealers who were supportive of the GOP getting cut.

Is this true? Michelle Malkin reports that there is a link between those dealers who remain and supporters of the Clinton’s(i.e., DNC supporters) is more than interesting. I, personally, and purely on a gut instinct, think this is a hatchet job on GOP supporters. What better way to get the business community in line than to strong arm them? If they know they had better play ball or see their company ruined or taken over, who will stand against them?

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Obama Foreign Policy Starts To Show Results

UPDATE: maybe Glorious Leader is learning? He now wants to continue some of the same TERRORISM policies of G-Dubya!

Unfortunately, the results are not that impressive. First, Somalian community organizers try to take control of a US flagged tanker delivering much-needed supplies to Kenya.

Now, it seems, these same organizers have taken control of a US owned tugboat. Check here for story updates.

Change we can believe in. No one fears the USA any more because our Glorious Leader cannot be bothered to even comment on the incidents, while our Secretary of State just laughs about it all.

A rough four years indeed.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Friendly Banter

Before I started putting my thoughts down on this blog, I had been sending out emails to friends and family. One of my former collegues responded back with his take on things (he is decidedly a Democrat) and we had a good banter back and forth. There was no defamation or flaming of one another, just hard-fought verbiage expressing our own views.

Imagine that. Cordial discussion wherein the candidates actually discuss their positions and have the courtesy to listen to the other guy. How else can you respond, if you don’t listen.

I am not a Republican nor a Democrat. Well, not true this cycle, as I registered as a Republican. Have you ever registered as an independant? You get wailed from folks on BOTH sides, trying to get your vote!

The fact that many of my views are conservative doesn’t make me a far right nut job. When it comes to Barack Obama, I actually like his idea of giving college tax breaks in exchange for public service. I am fuzzy as to how it all gets paid for, but the notion appeals to me as a current college student as well as a father of four- two who are a couple of years from college themselves.

My friend made a commet, though, that sort of made me take pause. While I can understand his notion of not rewarding bad behavior, he actually said that if I cannot vote Democrat, don’t vote at all! That is pretty shocking, to me. Voting is not only a right, but an obligation.

During our ‘debate’ we came to one solid agreement. Government is tossing way too much money to try and solve issues. They are mortgaging our futures while they socialize everything. What makes me laugh about this agreement, is that electing Barack Obama will just increase the socialization process.

Bill Clinton’s first year in office wasn’t the best for him. He had a Democratic congress that pushed legislation across his desk that he signed without question, as he efforted to please his supporters. Clinton was an experienced governor. Obama has all of 143 days in the senate. He will be dealing with the sharks in the guise of Nancy Palosi and Harry Reid. Obama’s world views are much aligned with them, no matter what he SAYS in his speeches. I have drummed it incessantly, that his past record predicts where he will take us. Left. Left. Left. Edge. Left.

But perhaps my friend is on to something. If they can get us all to not vote, they are guaranteed in. I can foresee in the future a time where you won’t be able to dissent without getting publicly ridiculed. Look what happened to Joe Wurzelbacher. I asked a question that Obama answered honestly (he wants to spread your wealth to everyone behind you) and the media has done it’s best to slander the guy who dared to damage ‘The One’.

Never let them see you dissent. Let them wallow in their self-confidence. Then vote their mouths shut.