Why Legislate It

I was reading posts on the Facebook timeline of George Takei today. Folks are up in arms over a bill that passed in the Senate that would make it illegal to fire someone based on their sexual orientation. Most were screaming about the assholes in the House and how they would never pass it, or that Speaker John Boehner would not let it come to a vote.

Ummmmm… ok? Why do we need a law for this? According to George, there are still states out there where you can be fired for being “gay”. Ummmm… ok? Don’t live there.

I know, controversial. Homophobic. Nut job. Blah. Blah. Blah.

My point is, why do we have to legislate this? Are there actual laws in the books that say “If he is gay, you can fire him!”? If so, then I agree, let us push the states to repeal those stupid laws. Or, as I believe George meant, are there laws on the books that specifically call out that a business cannot fire someone based solely on their preference? If this is the case, then why did we make those laws?

One would think, that in today’s world, if a business fired a person for no other reason than sexual preference, said business would be dragged through court and/or be run out of existence. Legislating for a specific group is bad policy.

Why not create a law for Jews? Muslims? People from Cincinnati? What if I get fired because my teeth are yellowing and the business feels I do not adequately represent an appearance they feel is acceptable? Do I, then, get a law in my benefit?

It does not matter if it is a one-person group or a one-million person group. Policy like that just gives people a reason to play the victim. And when people play the victim, politicos will flock to them like leeches until we have even more divide than there already is, followed by even more bad policy.

Work hard to effect positive change. But do it for EVERYONE, not just your pet group.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

When Presidents Lie


Obama made it to TV to express how bipartisan this stimulus fiasco is. Yep. All 3 RINOS who voted for it must speak for the entire Senate GOP.

The ZERO House Republicans and ELEVEN House Democrats who voted against it showed more bipartisanship. The fact that we are even calling this crock of stuff remotely bipartisan goes a lot to saying how nice we are trying to be.

The fact is, this bill will kill our economy. More than one economist says it will, and the CBO has the numbers to prove how it will tank us even further. Obama even says those SCIENTISTS who proved that FDR’s spending in the New Deal actually prolonged the depression are wrong. (He, the apparent ultimate economist, is right??) A one-year minimal growth followed by a collapse even further than we are now.

But through it all, we had not heard Obama lie about the bill. He tells it as he thinks it should be. But to stand in front of the cameras tonight and blatantly LIE about there being “Not a single earmark” floored me.

The so called ‘trimmed down’ Senate bill is, actually, $19 billion more than the House. See how that works? Y0u inflate it so you can then cut it and claim you were helping the folks.

This bill is nothing but one BIG earmark. The only reason they got three RINO votes is because the two from Maine are just trying to get a share of the haul for their state- country be damned. And Specter is just an idiot who cannot leave his former Democrat ways.

So the vote will come soon. The cloture vote passed 61-36 with two non-votes. (Cloture means no more amendment submissions, I believe). This means that in the next day or so the Senate will vote on it and send it to House-Senate committee for final drafting.

I’m scared. Really scared. I was just getting used to the USA as she is. Now I’ll have to read up on France and Germany to figure out how things are going to start working.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?