Haiti – A BAD Proposal

I feel for the people in Haiti. They in no way deserved what they got two weeks ago when a massive earthquake demolished the capitol of Port Au Prince. However, the world either needs to put up or shut up. France claims we are just occupying there. Italy says our humanitarian effort is garbage and we are not doing anything right. The ignorant dictator of Venezuela says that we caused the earthquake when we tested a weapon we were planning to use on Iran.

What the hell? How about we just pull out all of our aid and send ZERO relief effort? I am not just talking about Haiti, but all around the world. How about we just stop sending billions around the world in support of all manner of afflictions. Where was the rest of the world with its gobs of money and aid? If they are not going to put up, they need to SHUT THE HELL UP.

Now, there are some in congress saying that the USA needs to issue work visas to those in Haiti wanting to relocate here until things are better in Haiti. Excuse me? Do these people not see the massive issue we already have with people illegally over-staying their visa? Opening the flood gates for hundreds of thousands of dislocated Haitians is BAD VOODOO for the States. Those people need to be quiet as well.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

The Test Has Arrived

If you were asleep when the dreaded red phone rang, last night, you missed a very important call. Because South Korea is actively engaged in the US-led sanction discussions at the U.N., regarding North Korea’s continued missile and nuclear testing, North Korea says it is no longer bound by the cease-fire treaty of the Korean War.

If South Korea moves to intercept North Korean ships with the intent to inspect for illegal weapons material, North Korea will consider it an act of aggression. President Obama has announced (another) visit to Saudi Arabia in order to discuss peace in the Middle East.

Whatever. The guy had best grow a set of balls quick. Korea, armed with nukes, is about to start World War III. God help us. I, for all of my berating of Glorious Leader regarding his inept policy thus far, pray that he listens to reason- i.e. his military commanders – in deciding an aggressive course of action.

I think what scares me the most is that we are being bitch-slapped by a guy with a chick’s name. This is really starting to suck.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

World Wide Protesting

“Opal must not die, and Opal will not die.”

This came from the head of the labor union in Frankfort, where 15,000 GM workers gathered to protest GM saying they planned to cut 46K jobs worldwide. He was speaking about the GM auto made in that part of the world, of course.
“Yes We Can” signs were everywhere… wonder why they said that? A push for Hopey Kenobi to do something for them?
More protests happened in France, Spain, and pretty much everywhere else where the loser company has businesses.
I find it funny that a recent Rasmussen poll has 50% of Michigan people think the company (which lost $84 million a day last year)  needs to be cut loose. 
Let. Them. Fail.
The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?