Broken Record – Obama Appointee.. again.. and again..

When will the lack of judgment EVER be outed by main stream media?

Doh! What the hell am I thinking? Mainstream media is no longer mainstream. It is a cheering scetion for a group of left-thinking folks who would see our government intrude into every facet of our lives. They are the ‘leg-thrill’, ‘pay-my-mortgage’, ‘new day’ crowd who could care less about the real news, opting in favor of those things that show us how terrible our lot in life is that we NEED Glorious Leader to show us the way.

In the words of Tingly Matthews of The Obama network, it is now their job “…to ensure that he succeeds.” Sorry, I thought it was the media’s job to tell the citizenry the truth of the matter and let them decide for themselves if it is right or wrong.

In yet another idiotic pick, going totally against (again) what was promised on the campaign trail, Glorious Leader has nominated a crook for the second-in-command of HUD. Already a house of corruption and insiders bilking the taxpayer, this guy will oversee $39 BILLION and 8500 employees. I swear, if it were not for this and my new (See us Friday April 10!) BlogTalk Radio show my head would explode.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Is It Me Or Is This The Most CORRUPT Administration

The current administration is fast becoming a veritable laughingstock. From feigned outrage over executive bonuses (which they have no problem letting their white house staffers keep, even though the bonuses came from the same sources as the AIG bonuses), doom and glooming their way to $9 TRILLION in spending in just a few months, to absurd laws and regulations that are getting pumped through in a seriously concerted effort to collapse our country under its own weight, I am at my wits end. I am, in fact, becoming hardened to it all.

Take the latest case: the newly nominated Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. You may recall that the original pick, Tom Daschle, had to withdraw because of tax issues. Sort of like… oh… the current Treasury Secretary and no less than half a dozen others picked by our neophyte Glorious Leader.

Well, it seems that Me. Sebelius has an issue of her own.

Brace yourself.

She failed to pay taxes and so in a letter to whomever she reported that her “unintentional” errors and “meaningless goofs” had been taken care of. Good thing, too, for she is up for Senate confirmation. Is it not amazing how these things come to light just in time? I give the whelp in office some credit. He is getting the crooks in Washington to fork over their tax dollars, even if it means bankrupting the country and collapsing our soceity.

Nice one. IDIOT.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

New Obama Ties To ACORN

UPDATE: Kansas Secretary of State candidate calls ACORN a criminal enterprise.

Before you start screaming RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIIIIIIISSSSST, I am not saying that an association with a radical, left-wing, fraud-promoting group is BAD. I will say, however, that a judge who will affect (or, more likely in this case effect) interpretation of the Constitution should not have any direct ties to croups like this.

However, Glorious Leader has once again proven that he cares not so much for the following of our founding document as finding people who are willing to trample all over it or, at worst, find ways to circumvent its meanings.

His first judicial appointment shows that he truly does want America to Change. His nominee actually went out and held fund raisers for ACORN. Surely the TOTUS can tell Glorious Leader to pick an actual impartial judge? Someone, say, NOT from Chicago? Unfortunately, fixing his change will be a massive undertaking.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?