Elections Have Consequences

Yesterday there were elections all over the country. None bigger was the gubernatorial election in the great state of Virginia. We lost. They won.

Terry McAuliffe, Democrat, narrowly squeaked out a win. To be honest, I did not care to look at the final tally (I am told is was under 3%) because it does not matter. We lost. They won.

What I find most disturbing is the immediate finger pointing and blaming that went on from my friends on the right. Many blamed Cuccinelli for causing a rift with the RNC and thus getting no funding. Others blamed the Libertarian crowd for voting third-party  (who received around 6-7%). Still others blamed the establishment Republicans for doing nothing to help their candidate. (Including so-called Conservative Chris Christie, who won his own state with over 60%.)

In the end, what does it matter? Let the Democrats gloat; while they are, get our collective asses out there and spread the message. We narrowed a large gap in a couple of weeks. Many were saying that McAuliffe would win by 7-12+ points. He didn’t. He barely won. We barely lost.

The mere fact that we did almost win is reason for optimism. We have to continue to hammer our messages home. If there is a candidate, make sure they are fully vetted. Make sure, if it is discovered that the third party might be a plant (as was evidenced by a huge Obama supporter raising funds for the third party guy), make sure it goes viral.

We own the internet. Progressives cannot touch us in that arena. Our word resonates, when articulated correctly. We saw that here when merely pushing the Affordable Healthcare Act news brought victory within our grasp.

Don’t quibble. Don’t moan and groan. Steal your resolve. Elections have consequences. Virginia will learn that, if ‘Big Mac’ has his way. But so does going against the will of the People. Get ready for 2014. We should already be gearing up.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Healthcare Post Passage, Part I

So as you probably know, the US House of Non-Representatives voted by a margin of 219-212 in favor of taking over the healthcare of this country. I am perhaps most disappointed in the fact that by doing so they blatantly ignored what I and a vast majority of Americans wanted.

I want, then, to take a look at insurance. After all, this is the main reason the bill was passed- MILLIONS of Americans cannot get coverage. If you followed the debate from last year the number of uninsured dropped from 47 million to 32 million. How did that happen?

Did we change something? Did our system magically cover 15 million previously uninsured? I doubt it. More likely the reason is because the President knows the number is bogus all around. It has already been shown where the numbers come from and the real number is around 10-12 million.

Still, that is a lot of folks. An entire 4% of our population. It stands to reason why we should uproot our entire system. 96% of America is living large while these poor Four-Percenters are getting the shaft. Much better to be BROAD AND SWEEPING than FOCUSED AND TARGETED.

But I digress.

I want to discuss insurance as it has been displayed. First, the claim that the insurance companies are evil and greedy. They are out there raising rates at 40% just because they can; and at a time when America is really hurting.

Ok, so WHY did Anthem Blue Cross of California do that? Note that this was only for PRIVATE policies. No one under group (i.e. employer) plans was affected. President Obama even said it was unconscionable and chastised them for doing so. Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius berate them because they raised rates after a whopping 2 BILLION dollar profit in 2009.

Wow. A profit of 2 BILLION! What was this company thinking? Taking a massive 2.2% profit while poor Americans are suffering. They are not like those wonderful guys over at McDonalds, who’s 10% profit margin is TOTALLY different. I would like to note that in the Balance Sheet of Anthem (their annual financial report) they sold a property for around 3 billion dollars. So that means (to the mathematically challenged) that Anthem actually LOST money.

Fire people or raise rates? As a business person, you have to do what is best for your business. I don’t claim to say that Anthem was right in the size of their rate increase. I am not privileged to their insider projections. But for once, just ONCE, can we quit demonizing everyone we disagree with and have a normal debate?

More tomorrow as we look at the Left comparing Healthcare mandates to driving insurance mandates.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Unions Poised To Bilk Billions From Non-Unions

Big Labor got a sweet deal from the administration. At first, Glorious Leader said that he wanted a tax on all of those high-priced insurance plans. Before I go on, though, I have a question about that. Why? Why would you want to make UN-affordable, what some families find affordable? Why are you wanting those folks to drop their high priced insurance? Is this your way of punishing people who are successful?

So now the unions, with their millions in campaign contributions hard at work, have struck a deal. If a union member has a ‘Cadillac’ plan they are exempt from the proposed tax. The result? We The People will just have to pay more, I guess. Also, the business part of the bill that mandates all business provide healthcare for all employees, or pay a fine (tax). There was an exemption for small business with under 50 employees. Because of our labor union thugs, that exemption has since been removed.

The union goons even said that they intended this in order to get an advantage over non-union businesses. Maybe instead of trying to cheat your way, arm-twist your way and go about your normal business of corruption, you should see WHY non-union businesses are doing better than you…. like.. dissolve your union.

You can read more here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

A Good Cause

I added a link to Social Vibe in my side bar. Take a minute to hit the link for me and help us find a cure for Diabetes.

Why that disease? Because Diabetes can be a contributing factor to so many other things and my family has those who are afflicted. From young to old, Diabetes has no remorse, affecting all equally harshly. So lend a hand. Just by clicking through, sponsors will donate to the cause.

We need to find a cure soon, before our government health care plan collapses any desire to continue with innovation. After all, the main reason drug manufactures put funding into R&D is to make a profit. If the government runs the system, and they refuse to pay a fair price, researchers will move to other fields. So help out now, before it is too late.



The revolution is at hand, will you be a leader or a follower?

War And Peace, The Sequel

The House put out their health care proposal today. 1,990 pages of regulation, taxes, waste, fraud and abuse. Did they not listen to us back in August? Do the Democrats really think that in passing this thing the people will finally shut up and take their medicine?

Melt the phones. Don’t be shy about calling and emailing. Do it every day. Make sure that you wind up on the administration’s watch list. It is the least we can do for our children.

Anyone have any Tylenol? (Crap. Is that even covered now? Have you seen the PRICES for a bottle of aspirin??)

You can get the bill here. Get reading kids!

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

The Medicare Argument

The healthcare debate rages on. Supporters point the finger at the evil, wicked, profiteering insurance companies as being all that is wrong with the healthcare. And, while that may be a bit of an exaggeration, for the most part supporters feel that if we can just get rid of insurance companies all will be well.

I am sorry to disappoint, but according to President Obama, even HE is not wanting to get rid of private insurance. Instead, he wants a government option. He wants to provide competition for private insurers for what I can only assume is to keep them honest. This is a falsehood, though, as both President Obama and top leaders of the Democrat Caucus are on record for their support and desire to move to a single-payer health care system. He can say what he wants now, but the fact remains that for his entire career he has fought for it, supported it and preached it to his supporters. I highly doubt that now that he has been brought to office by those supporters he suddenly has a change of heart. As they say, baby steps.

So with Medicare being a government program, it was bound to come up in the debate; and how. It is the number one thing thrown in my face by Obamacare supporters. How can those against the bill, who want nothing of government care, say that they are fine with Medicare? It is a government run program. Over 60% of those on Medicare are in favor of it while only 42% say that they like their private insurance.

This is, actually, a good question. So here is my answer. Those receiving Medicare are of retirement age (mostly). They paid into the system for years and are now able to benefit from it. Because the government subsidizes it, costs are relatively low. But the cost to the government is enormous. When it was first started, Medicare was projected to cost roughly $9 billion by 1990. The actual cost that year was around $66 billion, over seven times the original projection. Because of the cost, the government is losing more and more money on the program.

Those costs are not really pushed onto the consumer, but they are passed onto the doctors; with less and less actually being paid out in an effort to save. In one case, a radiologist spent 12 hours with a patient only to receive a check from Medicare for $12. Doctors are avoiding Medicare patients. Those who do accept them are, with good reason, pushing their lost revenue onto people with private insurance. Because of the skyrocketing cost of malpractice insurance as well, doctors need to find ways to make a lot of money annually just to break even.

The cost is the reason so many people are not happy with their coverage. Yes, I am sure some feel they cannot get what they want for services, or have been dropped for various reasons, but I know those I talk to tell me that the cost for insurance is what they dislike most.

So now the government wants to take a failing program like Medicare and expand it to everyone, illegals included. The government will be both a referee and a player in the game. If it loses money, it will tax something or shift money over from elsewhere to support it. Private industry, however, cannot do that and would fail. With the government undercutting private insurance, slowly people will be forced to the program.

It isn’t that they will want it. The reason they will be forced over is because it will be more cost effective for businesses to drop their plans. With a government safety net, I would do the same thing. This is why Wal-Mart is supporting the plan. In order to compete, if Wal-Mart drops their insurance plan, their competitors will be forced to as well. Wal-Mart, paying more for its plan than others, will have a bigger net profit.

With so many people getting on to the rolls of the government plan, it will become burdened. With doctors fees being leveled, specialists will slowly become more rare. With less specialists comes longer waits and poor quality of care. It is a natural fact. It has happened in other countries, and it will happen here. Everywhere you can find people who like their system, but overall, look at the quality of care provided and the USA is tops in the world. If it were not, world leaders would not come here to get treated.

Contrary to all of the liars out there, we (conservatives) are not objecting to reform. What we are objecting to is taking Medicare and expanding it to millions of people. It cannot work. It WILL fail and go bankrupt eventually or taxes will skyrocket to afford it. There is no third choice with this option. (Well, cutting and rationing services will help save money, but liberals, President Obama and the media assure us that we are just fear mongering.) Every social program begun by the government has failed or is looming failure. We need to fix what is broke, not install yet another government takeover of industry.

Read the signs. See what is really going on. Once on the path, turning back will be mighty hard.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

47 Million Uninsured Americans

Yes, I agree, 47 million people without healthcare insurance is not a good thing. Even though NO ONE will be denied emergency services, having coverage is a safety net that should be available to everyone.

But, have you ever thought just where the 47 million number comes from? We have:


The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

My Healthcare Response

From this blog, I read a post saying that there needs to be a Healthcare Strike day in September to show congress that we all want Nationalized Healthcare. The comments were many when I arrived, many for, and many against. Below is my comment, in the event it gets ‘moderated’ out:

Whew! Lots to digest. The problem lies with the skyrocketing costs- to the PRIVATELY insured folks. The cause of that rise? By and large because the GOVERNMENT plans (Medicare and Medicade) pay less and less. SO the evil insurance companies (you know, those big, profit-making things that employ people) have to pass the cost along to the rest.

Medicare was passed easily because of the whole fear mongering thing. The original estimates on cost have been blown away and it is going broke. Why? More and more people in the system.

Reform is needed. By all means, march. It is the best part of our constitution, being able to voice opinion and dissent,

But universal care as you call it will fail. More and more people will be forced onto the public plan until nothing but cutting care will save costs. Imagine all 300 millions Americans using just the one system. It cannot succeed. The government cannot manage business. Every program it has created has only spiraled into a money-wasting behemoth and this will be the grand daddy of them all.

If you want a one-payer system, there is nothing I can do to convince you. If you want true reform and are open to any ideas, then the competition plans, personal accounts, loser-pays malpractice rules, etc will do more to drive down costs than anything the government can do.

This current bill establishes roughly 30 NEW agencies to mange it. Does this not scare you? Maybe this is where the administration had planned to create all of the new jobs in the first place.

Reform, YES. A Fascist government that is slowly absorbing every industry we have, NO. I will fight it until I die.

Thanks for giving all voices a chance here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Transparency? Hardly

UPDATE: Yet even MORE transparency. We just cannot make this stuff up. I mean. Come on.

UPDATE: More transparency from the most opaque group ever.

I am willing, now, to say openly that Barack Obama is a lair and a thug. Everything he says is a twisting and perversion of what he truly intends. He only says what the huddling masses want to hear.

Well, this Idiot-In-Charge is getting his ass handed to him on his various ‘reforms’. (More like nation-killing if you ask me). People are slowly but surely waking up. From tea-parties to congressional phone-ins the people of our country are letting the criminals in Washington D.C. know exactly what they think of them.

Obama promised transparency, yet at every turn he shields the truth. I am not a birther, but the fact remains that he has spent thousands upon thousands of dollars preventing the release of any and all records. This includes his birth, school, passports, et al. When will we see transparency? He circumvents the process by assigning un-elected people to ‘czar’ posts. These people wield great power in their respective areas and report only to the president. When will we see transparency? While not completely unusual, he is hiding the release of the budget mid-year report. It is sure to have some very troubling numbers in it, yet he refuses to release it until sometime in September. Perhaps he wants to pass healthcare and cap and trade before America has a conniption fit. When will we see transparency?

The only thing that is becoming relatively transparent about this criminal Obama is that he is hell-bent on taking complete control. Shades of Honduras, folks. Which is why, in my opinion, he is looking very intently at the outcome. He is taking notes for the day when he, too, will seek to violate our laws and get himself permanently placed.

Think it cannot happen? Neither did 1930’s Germany.

More about transparency in this administration here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

A Revolutionary Idea We Can All Be Proud Of

I took a week or so off because my head was swimming with all of the crap going on around us. From the Health care fiasco to cap and tax to SCOTUS confirmation hearings and talk of another round of non-stimulus I was about to throw myself off the roof of a tall building. Glenn Beck mentioned the same thing on his radio program but was dissuaded by a caller because doing so might put Mr. Beck in the flight path of Air Force One.

Too rich. If you don’t get the joke, Google Air Force One and New York City.

Health care is the current agenda item that Glorious Leader is attempting to ram (Rahm?) through congress. There is hope that it will die in committee, so cross your fingers. I am all for reform of the current health care system in the United States, but moving to a federally mandated and subsidized system is not the way to go. Check out Steven Crowder, comedian and PJTV reporter, who went to his native Canada to see just how great the system is working for them there. After all, many in congress are saying it is working great and we need to model after them.

What did he find? While I have no doubt it was slightly slanted to the right, the fact that many in Canada (and France) have to buy private insurance as a subsidy to their free health care should tell you something. Wait times can be incredibly long for even some serious cases and getting a real family doctor can take upwards of three years. Until then, try not to get sick on Sunday. All clinics are closed.

With all of our glorious pundits roaming the halls of congress, and many of them practitioners of law, I thought it was a BRILLIANT idea by Ed Morrissey of HotAir.com. He has a fantastic article detailing how, if the government can take something as convoluted as our health care system and make it right by running it themselves under a single-payer system, perhaps they should do the same for legal services.

Yep. Just create LegalCare, a government agency tasked with setting all legal fees for every lawyer. That way, we all achieve our constitutioanl RIGHT to legal representation by the best in the field; not just some lame duck public defender. Check out his article. It will make you stand up and cheer Hell Yeah!

But Michelle Malkin’s video will make you scream Hell NO!

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?