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I spent 20 years in the United States Navy. My opinions, beliefs and thoughts are guided, in large part, by my experiences during that time. I am also shaped by the love I have for my family, wife and children especially. For the most part, I am conservative in my view. I imagine I am not conservative enough for some and overly conservative to others but so be it. I hope that what I have to say interests you. 

  • I am a firm believer in the Constitution.
  • I believe that judges should enforce the Constitution, not try to legislate a new one.
  • I believe that the United States is the land of equal opportunity, not necessarily equal results.
  • I believe it is the role of the federal government to protect its citizens and make policies that enable them to succeed, not provide everything for them.
  • I believe in the separation of Church and State, but not the absence of God from the public place.
  • I reject the mentality that the right to bear arms only applies to state militia. It is the people’s path to protecting themselves from a tyrannical government.
  • I reject that America is a collection of individual cultures. I embrace that America is its OWN culture .
  • I believe that life begins at conception and the taking of an innocent life is not a religious issue, it is a moral issue.

If my blog interests you, let me know. If not, let me know. If you have no opinion, let me know. Catch my drift? 🙂

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