Revisiting Hiroshima

The bomb dropped out of nowhere on a cool morning in 1945. The day exploded like a blazing sun as “Little Boy” vaporized an entire city. The world stared in shock as the pictures of devastation began to filter into the news pages.

The ghost of that day is upon us, as in the state of Massachusetts another shocking occurrence of near-biblical proportions has erupted. GOP hopeful Scott Brown has just been shown to be polling AHEAD of the would-be-crowned-princess Martha Coakley. For those living in the deep reaches of the wilderness, who are unaware of what is going on, there is a special election this Tuesday, January 19th, to fill the vacant seat of the late Ted Kennedy.

Massachusetts is as blue as any state in the union. The fact that there is a real chance for a Republican to take the seat bodes ill for the majority party. The senate seat has been held for 30 years by a Democrat and Coakley has been walking around like an already-confirmed corrupt-o-crat.

Send money. Brown’s campaign has been Earth-shattering to say the least this past week and it needs to continue. Donate anything you can, from $5.00 to $2500. Keep the heat on and bring this thing home.

In the words of one blog commenter: What can Brown do for you? Break the Democrat supermajority!

UPDATE:The locals are getting restless. Glorious Leader to the rescue.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

First, in an AMAZING money-bomb day for Scott Brown, senatorial candidate in Massachusetts who has rallied from over 30 points back to a statistical tie for Ted Kennedy’s seat, where he raised over 1 million dollars, now comes the folowing story:

Senatorial candidate Marco Rubio has trounced governor Charlie Crist in a straw poll taken in Crist’s hometown and the district he represented while in the Florida congress.

Read all about it here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follwoer?

Let The Party Begin

UPDATE: Get involved! Find out where you congressman or senator is having his or her townhall and go speak with them!

Our elected leaders are now on recess. Sounds sort of stupid to call it that, but I guess when you have a bunch of bully-like school children up there, going out on recess is a fitting term. They are coming to a neighborhood near you. Are you going to greet them with open arms? I say that we greet them with torches and pitchforks.

Let’s take a look and see just what they (and Glorious Leader) have done in the past few months:

– Passed a 787 BILLION dollar stimulus that promised to ‘save or create’ 3,000,000 jobs. Unemployment would not go beyond 8%. None of it is true. 2,000,000 jobs have been lost since then, unemployment is nearly 10%, and they are now claiming that it wasn’t supposed to be a ‘quick jolt’ but rather a 2 year program.

– Passed SCHiP ‘for the children’ and pay for it with taxes on tobacco. Who pays when tax revenue plummets due to less smoking?

– Passed a 3 TRILLION dollar budget. I cannot even comment on that.

– Installed 40+ Czars to oversee virtually every aspect of every industry.

– Completely screwed up a simple program called “Cash For Clunkers”. In a side note, they tried to gain access to business’ computer systems illegally so that they could monitor and snoop what was on the system.

– Nominated a woman who thinks being Latino means you will come to better conclusions that a white male and who believes policy is made on in the court.

– Visited Cuba and called a brutal dictator the ‘ultimate survivor’

– Apologized to the world for pretty much everything that America has done for the past 200 years.

– Said that they don’t have time to read the bills.

– Classified a natural gas (CO2) as a pollutant and put together legislation to regulate it.

– Mislead about 47 million people not having health coverage, when many are by choice, illegal, etc.

– Proposed a health care package that costs over 1 TRILLION to START, but refuses to examine a bi-partisan bill that is shown to be revenue neutral and actually would start making money in future years.

Can we go on? Yes. Leave us your comments on what YOU think is the worst of the past six months.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Government Lies To Get Agenda Passed

The EPA recently published a report that calls Carbon Dioxide, the NATURALLY OCCURRING GAS, a dangerous gas that needs to be regulated. The entire purpose of doing this is to help buoy support for Glorious Leader’s global warming agenda, the main force being the upcoming Cap and Trade bill. I would like to note that this bill is over 900 pages long and gives the government nearly exclusive control over the Energy industry.

The projected cost of this legislation is debated, with cost-per-family ranging from $140 per year to nearly $3000. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has put the estimated cost at around $1200 per year. What people do not understand is that this tax is not a straight tax. The real deal is that everything surrounding energy- which includes trucks delivering foods, heating your home, cost of gas, etc- will be affected. So, you may not see a massive increase in your electric bill but you can be sure that everything out there will rise in cost. Don’t be fooled by the numbers being put out by the administration. They are lying.

To the point about the EPA, there was dissenting opinions that were blocked. The arguments were hidden and were not included in the published report, because it would go against the ‘administrator and the administration’. Now, however, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) has put out the unfiltered version of the report. Unfortunately I think it is a bit too late. Congress will be voting on this today (Friday, June 26th 2009). The Wicked Witch of the West wants it done and off their plate before they go on vacation. Because, as we all know, pumping millions of CO2 molecules into the air as we fly from DC to California (in order to visit donors and get more bribe money) is much more vital than actually debating and coming up with a good energy policy.

Michelle Malkin has a great article and has been following the story. Check her out here, too, from an early report on the topic..

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Give Me My Share Of the Stimulus

The government has decided that they are not going to bother with tracking just WHERE all of the stimulus money is going. Now, they are going to rely on the average, everyday citizen to do the job for them. Well, if I am going to do this, they had better damn well fork over some money for my time. After all, in this economy, the worst since Sodom and Gomorrah, average everyday citizens need all of the help they can get.

So just who’s tracking that $787 billion in taxpayer money that President Obama and the Democrat-led Congress are doling out? You are. Or you’re supposed to be, anyway.

It is such a joke that only 3 of the 10 committee members even bothered to show up to the meeting. Imagine that. Congress failing to do its sworn duty.


The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

100 Days Of Night

UPDATE: The demon leader has already reached cult status. My only comment is that I HOPE that it is always darkest before the dawn.

100 days of nightThe movie 30 Days Of Night was not the best movie ever, but for the genre it was pretty good. Vampires descend on a small Alaskan town when the sun dips below the horizon and stays there for 30 days. The demon group sucks the life from everyone in the town, rounding them up and feeding non stop. It was gruesome, but what was most scary is what you knew was happening, but could not quite see it.

It now seems that we are caught in the sequel to that graphic-novel-gone-video. 100 Days Of Night: The Obama Strain has swooped down upon the land, covering the country in its blanket of secrecy, misdirection and unseen horrors seen flitting on the edges of our peripheral vision. Every act taken does more to suck the red-blooded Americanism from its citizens, leaving dried up husks of what once was greatness and goodness in the world.

The new leader of this band of blood-suckers depicts itself in the vein of other great leaders such as Lincoln, Reagan and Franklin Roosevelt, but the fact is that this creature can assume whatever form it needs to lull those who listen to it speak into a false sense of security. When the timing is right, it will twist what it said into something perverse and snatch the onlookers into its claws, shredding them into food for its minions.

There is, assuredly, a darkness on the land, but the scarier part is that there are many who find this darkness to be enlightening. They find this ‘change’ to be exactly what they hoped for. What they don’t understand is that, like the token pet human in the movie, when its masters grow tired the beasts will turn and feast upon the slaves as well, because they will be the only food left.

Is there hope on the horizon? Watch the movie to find out, but like all good struggles, strength of the human spirit cannot be discounted.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Greenie Weenies: Not Just Scrubbing Pads Any More

UPDATE: Nice video about PEOPLE making Earth better, not worse.

Global Warming is false. After all, how does one explain the recent report that the Earth has been COOLING for the past seven years? Not only that, we are COOLING at nearly as fast a rate as the IPCC says we are supposed to be warming. Of course, you don’t see anyone mentioning that fact. In particular, the MSM has completely ignored the fact.

Well, they have not completely ignored it. The do try to debunk the facts, but when they do they normally wind up contracting Foot-In-Mouth disease. Case in point is the argument for and against Cap n Trade. That is the program designed to charge you for excessive emission of CO2, that pesky little ‘pollutant’ that has everyone in a tizzy over the melting of the planet. The problem I have is that CO2 is minuscule with respect tom affecting climate. Water, of course, is the major player, but one does not hear of anyone trying to dry up they atmosphere. Why not? Perhaps because it is crazy?

I also want to know why no one is suing the IPCC on behalf of all of the plant life we are starving my limiting the food they need. Just a question I have, so don’t freak out on me for asking. The only dumb question is the one not asked, right?

So anyway, with Earth Day in full swing, the three days of hearings on the Cap n Trade issue are going on in congress. If they go forward with this, there will be heavy fines and taxes imposed on those businesses responsible for killing our planet by turning it into a slow cooker. What is not being said is what those business will be. Perhaps because if the public actually learns they will oppose it?

Energy. That is the major industry affected. When the taxes are imposed, do you think that the energy companies will eat the profits lost? Hardly. They will pass it on to the consumer. So much for not raising anyone’s taxes. If you use electricity you will be paying much higher rates. Add, then, the auto industry. In order to make ‘green’ cars, they will be forced to jack up the prices. Again, one of those consequences not being mentioned.

Although, with the government running 2/3 of the auto industry, and more than likely taking control of Energy when it all begins to buckle under heavy losses. Think it won’t happen? Imagine the government imposing limits on charges that can be passed onto consumers, so they companies WILL lose profits and thus go under, paving the way for the government to ‘bail them out’.

But no one in the main stream is talking about it, because the global warming farce is going full throttle. An eco-freak’s wet dream. God save us from our saviors.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

It Moved! Tax It!

The last vestige of true capitalism is under attack. Because state governments cannot manage their own budgets, because they refuse to cut back their spending and, instead, want to find new and innovative ways to squeeze even more money from the taxpayers, the Internet is now being looked at for new sources of revenue. I think the worst part would be just what tax rate will they use? After all, different states have different rates. What if the site is located overseas? Scary stuff, letting the corrupt-o-crats get involved.

I hope Al Gore does not get upset by this. He has been under considerable stress lately, what with the lack of global warming and all.

I am really curious as to just how screwed up our online experiences will become after the likes of Ried and Pelosi get their corrupt fingers in the pie.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Party Time, American Style

UPDATE: Check out the live tweets!

UPDATE: The pictures and videos roll in!

April 15th has traditionally been looked at with dread by many people. It is the day when the taxman cometh and taketh away all our hard earned wealth. Not to sound all EXTREMIST or anything, but has ANYONE ever found the law that says we are REQUIRED to pay Federal Income Taxes? After all, if the CONSTITUTION says that the only taxes authorized to be levied are direct (which must be apportioned- i.e. equal for all) and indirect (which are taxes on items that can be avoided, like gas and tobacco) then where are Federal Income Taxes (which are graduated, based on income) authorized?

Answer? They are not. We are not required by LAW to pay them. Of course, in saying so I shall now be toted off to a re-education camp, labeled a radical right-wing extremist and/or written off as a loon. Still, if you have the law available, may I read it? After that I will bring it to the Supreme Court, who has ruled numerous times that the Federal Income tax is not in law anywhere. Well, technically, they say that the 16th amendment never gave congress power to levy NEW forms of tax- i.e. Federal Income Tax. (And one district court judge, in 2003, commented that the amendment has never been properly ratified by the states!)

So any help you can give is appreciated. The more who visit and comment, the more I learn. So help me out here!

I hope to see you in Orlando today. It is going to be an EXTREMIST EXTREMELY great time.

Michelle Malkin has a great piece on the evolution of these events. Read the article, because you won’t find the information in the MSM anywhere (unless you are lucky).

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?