The Great Debate

I had a great debate with a very good friend today. It is a shame that we are on opposite sides of so many issues, but at least, unlike most, we are civil in our aguments and we know when to shut up. The discussion today? Abortion.

I am totally against abortion for any reason. That doesn’t make me unsympathetic to those who become pregnant under extreme and horrifying conditions. To get pregnant because of rape is an unimaginable event. In my opinion, rape should be a capital offense. But that is my own view, one very likely to bring even more deriding commentary my way.

So immediately on discussing abortion, my friend jumped right to the “brutally raped”, “could not bring a child into this world by such an act..” , etc etc. Why do those who believe abortion is OK have to jump right to the worst case scenario? What about your typical girl who sleeps around and fails to take precautions? Is that not the most common way for this to happen? That and the couple who, for whatever reason, do not take precautions and wind up pregnant?

Every time. Bar none. Rape and incest jump right out there in your face, as if they believe you cannot truly believe it is right.

No. It isn’t right. But neither is killing an unborn child. It isn’t right that God allowed this to happen, but he gave man free will and the devil will take every advantage. It is not the least bit right. But I do not believe we should kill that child, who did nothing more than come into being by the Grace of God. Be that as it may, I bare no hatred toward a woman getting an abortion. It IS her body. But her soul will be judged by God, not me. Just PLEASE stop saying I am responsible for you. Stop telling me it is your RIGHT to have as much unprotected sex as you want, as long as I pay for your healthcare. Stop telling me that my religious (or personal) beliefs make me a bigotted hate-monger. I say, why do you hate children? Why do you hate God so much that you are willing to kill a blossoming life?

I did a little looking. There are more than 6,000,000 pregnancies in the USA annually. The average number of those caused by rape? Between 170-340.

Seriously? You want abortion to be paid for so we can cover .00005% of all pregnancies? I know, ‘we don’t want to burden the mother with a child’. Then don’t. Put your baby up for adoption. There are many, many, couples out there who would show the baby all of the love and attention you can’t.

This debate will rage forever, and nothing I say here will change anything. I don’t judge you, so don’t judge me.

-The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?



The Great Flip Flop

Charlie Crist has shown just why he could never be elected by Conservatives. He was all for the Florida Education bill until union pressures came. Now he is trying to link it to the healthcare bill in an effort to garner support. He supported the stimulus. He says he would have voted for the health care fiasco. he calls himself a conservative at heart.


I didn’t get a chance to blog it before he vetoed, but the second phase is coming. Charlie Crist will drop his run as a Republican and will now run as an independent- in a COMPLETE flip from what he promised during his debate with candidate Marco Rubio.

Watch and see. He has until the end of April.

The man has ZERO integrity or honor.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Massachusetts Election Results

Today is the day. Scott Brown is going up against the Kennedy machine and their token candidate Martha Coakley. I shall try my best to keep the numbers updated as the day goes on. The polls open at 7:00AM and close at 8:00PM EST. Return often for updates.

UPDATE 12:20 – Seems that there are no exit polls, so no early return data is available. However, the Democrats are already pointing fingers. For the rest of us, keep them crossed that there is not rampant fraud.

UPDATE 12:30 – The folks at Keyboard Militia have noted that Martha Coakley’s campaign is breaking Massachusetts law regarding Electioneering at voting locations. Imagine that. “I would cheat to win.” comes to mind.

UPDATE 13:30 – There are no exit polls, yet has an early set of results, showing Martha Coakley in the lead 50-49-1. Interesting, yes? In particular that their total percentage exceeds 100%. Just sayin’.

UPDATE 13:50John Stewart analyzes the senate race. His best line? “See, it’s not that the Democrats are playing checkers and the Republicans are playing chess. It’s that the Republicans are playing chess and the Democrats are in the nurses office because, once again, they’ve glued their balls to their thighs.” Classic!.

UPDATE 14:50Let the flailing continue. The Democrats are all atwitter. 🙂 God I love America. We suffered through it from 2006-2009. Their turn.

UPDATE 15:00 – If you missed it from earlier. The Boston globe posted election results a full 8 hours before the polls closed. They had everything, including an interactive map with mouse-over effects showing a result town-by-town. Now, of course, being a web developer, I understand all about testing your system. But as a GOOD developer, I don’t recall ever putting my code live to test. We have a sand box we test in and then push it live when it is actually supposed to go live. Attempt to influence the results? Or fraud? We shall see.

UPDATE 17:00 – If the Health Industry is so heavily behind the Health Care fiasco pushing its way through congress, why are their stocks soaring at the possibility of a Brown victory in Massachusetts? Just askin’.

UPDATE 17:40 – Liberals across the board are already talking about what they can do to pass health care regardless of what happens in Massachusetts. Fine by me. More ammunition to eradicate them all. See you after the polls close! Until then, real life calls.

Scott Brown (R): 1,161,586 – 53%
Martha Coakley (D): 1,055,409 – 47%
Joe Kennedy (I): 22165 – 1%
John Howard (Write-In): 0

Check Michelle Malkin out here.

UPDATE 22:30Roger Ebert? Geez. I sorta like him when he was with the late Gene Siskel!! I guess even the softest of liberals are quaking in their boots at the rapid rise of conservatism.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

First, in an AMAZING money-bomb day for Scott Brown, senatorial candidate in Massachusetts who has rallied from over 30 points back to a statistical tie for Ted Kennedy’s seat, where he raised over 1 million dollars, now comes the folowing story:

Senatorial candidate Marco Rubio has trounced governor Charlie Crist in a straw poll taken in Crist’s hometown and the district he represented while in the Florida congress.

Read all about it here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follwoer?

Forgotten Heroes

Vietnam is fast becoming the lost war. Today’s generation is focused solely on the Iraq war and the effort in Afghanistan. There is nothing wrong with that, people should be involved and engaged with those topics affecting them at the time.

Unfortunately, what today’s youth do know about Vietnam is what Hollyweird chooses to perpetrate upon them. Vietnam soldiers were baby-raping, murderous, drug-taking thugs who did nothing more than embarrass the United States.

Movies showing Vietnam soldiers show (mostly) them as crazy men; men haunted by what they saw and did there. Most often the veteran is an alcoholic, down-trodden loser. Even movies like First Blood, Rambo II and Rambo III, where the hero was an obvious good guy, had the hero as a loner, out-of-touch-with-the-real-world sort of man. It depicts him as a killing machine honed by the military for a single purpose.

Given that, it is a refreshing change to see a director make a film that gets to the core of the Vietnam soldier. That core is a scared kid (average age in Vietnam was 19) doing his best to survive under impossible hostilities. Kids who tried their damnedest to keep the guy next to him alive, so that they might return the favor. Each man was most concerned with trying to stay alive long enough to complete his tour and get back to the States.

On Friday May 1st, 2009, I had the pleasure of speaking to conservative film director, Jack Marino about his 1990 project entitled Forgotten Heroes. The film dictates the stuggle of a group of men sent on a tough mission behind enemy lines. Gone are the rape scenes, drug-induced hallucinations, whacked-out crazies bent on total destruction. Gone, even, are the requisite dropping of F-bombs. Not a single one (however unbelievable that may be) is found in the film.

You can hear the interview here and I encourage you to do so. I also encourage you to get a copy of the movie, available through the website. Fully 25% of the proceeds are being returned to a worthwhile military charity, the American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial Fund.

Help out a bastion of truth trying to swim in a sea of illusion. Show the world that there ARE those who remember; those who will not forget the Forgotten Heroes.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Nine Year Old Steals The Show

Did you attend the Orlando, Florida Tea Party? If you did, then you know as well as I that the highlight was not the host Bud Hedinger, or internet radio blogette Andrea Shae King, any of the many fine speakers gathered, nor even Lloyd Marcus, creator of the theme song An American Tea Party.

No, what was most exciting was the Freedom Forum, where average, everyday people got the chance to stand up and make their voices heard. There were many passionate and patriotic speeches made (each one within the thirty second time limit) but in my opinion there was one that took the cake.

Nine year old Chelsi stood up there and proudly stated her case, “I’m an nine year old girl. I don’t have a job yet. So stop taking my money when I haven’t even earned it yet!

A raucous crowd of some 5,000 erupted into cheers at that simple statement and my own heart filled with pride. It was, after all, my own daughter who had made the comment. I could not have felt more pride in my child than I did right then (though I have to admit I am proud of all of my children in every thing they do).

The event was a massive success, I believe, and we were sad to have to leave about a half-hour before the closing ceremony. Even so, the comraderie I felt with all of those gathered was extremely moving and I had the sense that this was the beginning of the revolution I have so proudly tagged in the closing of all of my blog posts.

If you did not attend, never fear. There are many places to meet like-minded fellows and I am hopeful that these first seeds of dissent will spark many others to have similar, if a bit smaller, events. Every journey begins with a single step, and the Orlando Tea Party was one great step today.

UPDATE: As promised, the video of Chelsi telling it like it is:

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

I Am A Conservative Republican

[H/T: AlphonZo Rachel and his YouTube video. It prompted me to write this.]

I believe that life begins at conception and the taking of an innocent life is not a religious issue, it is a moral issue.

I believe in the separation of Church and State, but not the absence of God from the public place.

I believe that America is the land of equal opportunity, but not the land of equal results.

I believe that what is mine is mine, not something to be confiscated and spread around for all to share.

I believe that it is the job of the judicial branch to enforce the constitution, not to legislate a new one.

I believe that we have the capability to provide our own energy quickly, safely and cost effectively. Oversight yes; Industry killing regulation no.

I reject the mentality that the right to bear arms only applies to state militia. It is the people’s path to protecting themselves from a tyrannical government.

I reject that America is a collection of individual cultures. I embrace that America is its OWN culture that should be promoted, vaunted and celebrated.

I reject the notion that government is the end-all means to prosperity. I embrace the idea that free markets work best in driving the economy.

I believe that it is the government’s job to serve and protect the people; to enact policies that enable me to succeed and then get out of my way.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?