The Hits Just Keep On Coming

First, in an AMAZING money-bomb day for Scott Brown, senatorial candidate in Massachusetts who has rallied from over 30 points back to a statistical tie for Ted Kennedy’s seat, where he raised over 1 million dollars, now comes the folowing story:

Senatorial candidate Marco Rubio has trounced governor Charlie Crist in a straw poll taken in Crist’s hometown and the district he represented while in the Florida congress.

Read all about it here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follwoer?


One thought on “The Hits Just Keep On Coming

  1. I met Marc Rubio at the first tea party we had in west palm beach, Florida.
    I like the man and would choose him over that RINO crist anyday. he’s got what this country needs, young, conservative blood.

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