KSM- Coming To A City Near You

Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM), the mastermind behind the 9-11 attacks and the murder of 2,996 American citizens, is being brought to the United States for a civilian trial.  Yes. A CIVILIAN trial.

What the hell is going on? Is this now a police action? If so, why the hell are we wasting our troops? Why don’t we gather up all of our traffic cops and ship them to the battlefield? Maybe if we issue a few parking violations to the Taliban they will change their murderous ways.

This guy is not a civilian. He planned and executed the most deadly attack on Americans ever.  He should just be executed. When he was found, he should have been tortured for information and then dumped into the river. He is worth nothing more.

Call me a hater. I am. When it comes to evil like this, I am extremely prejudiced. He deserves nothing more than contempt from me. The fact that he is being brought here is yet another example of how weak we are becoming. He will be a martyr, something I am sure he relishes.  His comrade, Nidal Hassan, the terrorist who slaughtered 14 innocent people (did you forget the unborn child that was killed as well?) and wounded 29 others said it best when he told a group of Army members that “we love death more than you love life.” I have no doubt that KSM would love to be made a martyr in the name of his god.

Be wary, New York, the jihadist is coming to a city street near you. Thank your government officials (who are following Glorious Leader’s policies) for the people who are going to be under threat of death when this farce of a trial begins.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Erin Andrews Nude Video

So the title of this should say it all. Erin Andrews, ESPN reporter extraordinaire, has joined the ranks of other attractive sportscasters. She cannot be taken seriously for her knowledge or quality sports work. She must rely on a brilliant smile and attractive figure to advance.

To make things intimately worse, some jackass managed to film her through her hotel peephole. And yes, she was naked. I will be the first to say that if she had done this of her own volition and it managed to get leaked out (think Paris Hilton) then I would watch it. Who wouldn’t? The woman is smokin.

As it stands, I hope they catch the (likely) fat bastard and parade him around in a thong for all to see. One step forward to equal opportunity. Ten steps back due to stupid dickwads.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

A Revolutionary Idea We Can All Be Proud Of

I took a week or so off because my head was swimming with all of the crap going on around us. From the Health care fiasco to cap and tax to SCOTUS confirmation hearings and talk of another round of non-stimulus I was about to throw myself off the roof of a tall building. Glenn Beck mentioned the same thing on his radio program but was dissuaded by a caller because doing so might put Mr. Beck in the flight path of Air Force One.

Too rich. If you don’t get the joke, Google Air Force One and New York City.

Health care is the current agenda item that Glorious Leader is attempting to ram (Rahm?) through congress. There is hope that it will die in committee, so cross your fingers. I am all for reform of the current health care system in the United States, but moving to a federally mandated and subsidized system is not the way to go. Check out Steven Crowder, comedian and PJTV reporter, who went to his native Canada to see just how great the system is working for them there. After all, many in congress are saying it is working great and we need to model after them.

What did he find? While I have no doubt it was slightly slanted to the right, the fact that many in Canada (and France) have to buy private insurance as a subsidy to their free health care should tell you something. Wait times can be incredibly long for even some serious cases and getting a real family doctor can take upwards of three years. Until then, try not to get sick on Sunday. All clinics are closed.

With all of our glorious pundits roaming the halls of congress, and many of them practitioners of law, I thought it was a BRILLIANT idea by Ed Morrissey of HotAir.com. He has a fantastic article detailing how, if the government can take something as convoluted as our health care system and make it right by running it themselves under a single-payer system, perhaps they should do the same for legal services.

Yep. Just create LegalCare, a government agency tasked with setting all legal fees for every lawyer. That way, we all achieve our constitutioanl RIGHT to legal representation by the best in the field; not just some lame duck public defender. Check out his article. It will make you stand up and cheer Hell Yeah!

But Michelle Malkin’s video will make you scream Hell NO!

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

ManBearPig Alert! Nazi Party Reunifying Under New, Global Banner

Al Gore is an amazing man. He has worked tirelessly since he first created the internet and the United States people rejected him as president. His dedication and effort were rewarded with the receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize for seeking out and saving a pair of Polar Bears who had unknowingly gotten their picture taken by a wildlife photographer while swimming from land to an ice floe.

Luckily for the world, that picture became an iconic classic and helped convince the great ball in the sky, the might SOL, our very own sun, to turn off its sunspots for a few years so that good old Mother Earth might get back to some sort of normalcy. Now that we are back to the temperatures and ice levels of the 1970’s, Mr. ManBearPig has alluded us to another catastrophic possibility.

While the sun has done its part, the world has not followed suit. Though global warming has been put under restraint, climate change has not. In fact, Mr. Gore has now alluded that the climate has changed drastically since just yesterday. I was a bit skeptical at first, but when I looked outside I saw that there was a downpour. Yesterday was a nice day, so to have this drastic change from nice to stormy in just one day awakened me to the fact that the ManBear was on the trail of something big.

At the recent Cimate Change Summit, Mr. Gore let us know just what he thought was happening. The National Socialist German Worker’s Party has again taken up a cause. In it’s first attempt, it helped unify a struggling Germany in the 1930’s. It industrialized the nation, built hundreds of machines and set off to sell them to the world. Unfortunately, not many countries saw need for German Panzer tanks, military troops or rockets, and in the ensuing confusion a melee occurred. This time, however, Al Gore has pointed out that they are engaged in an equally heinous act. They are the foremost deniers of Climate Change.

We are fortunate to have Mr. ManBearPig on the side of the world. If we could get some of those legislative initiatives passed, his company would make millions in profit and he would be in a better position to get the word out. Thus far, I think he has been frustrated at the lack of acceptance. I think it would be great to see more of him on TV, hear him on radio, read about him in magazines. I am particularly fond of the idea being floated around the conference that we need to find a way to monitor each individual carbon foot print. What a great plan! I would love to get a call from Mr. Gore, letting me know just what my ‘burden’ will be for the month.

This rocks! I can only imagine what they have in store for us with Universal Death Care.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

If You Cannot Beat Them, Train Them

With the economy hemorrhaging jobs at a steady clip, I cannot fathom how stories like this one are not getting national attention. The would-be attorney general of California…

Let me repeat- The WOULD-BE ATTORNEY GENERAL of CALIFORNIA – prosecutor Kamala Harris is coming under fire by critics for a program that trained illegal aliens for jobs that they were not even legally entitled to hold. Is there ANY doubt as to why the state is going into (in the words of my son) EPIC FAIL mode? The people in charge cannot bother to solve their citizens’ plight, but are more than willing to lend a helping hand to those who broke our laws to get here and then continue to mooch off of hard-earned people’s effort.

To add insult to injury, the illegals that were trained were illegal FELONS. Is there not a “Fly them over their home country and push them out of the plane with a parachute” program? I, for one, would be willing to pay a bit more in taxes for THAT to be implemented.

You can get more information here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

States’ Rights Now Gone The Way Of The Pontiac

For years, the 10th Amendment held that states had more power than the federal government. If a state decided that the fed had over stepped its bounds, they didn’t have to follow along.

Then there is the issue of the courts. I was under the impression that courts ruled OPINION but that it was up to the states to implement the ruling into law. States did not have to obey what the court said if they did not want to. Granted, most times the ruling was made to law, but many times it did not. Most times the court decision was followed because (I guess) people are stupid. I suppose this happens when we get away from teaching the constitution and begin to teach case law instead. It is so much more fluid and progressive.

Now comes the ultimate usurpation of a state’s rights. When the PORKULUS bill was passed, there was a section added that said if a governor elected to NOT take stimulus money, the state legislature could override him. Imagine that. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT dictating what a STATE could do or not do.

In South Carolina, Governor Sanford refused the money. Well, actually, of the 2.8 billion coming their way, he had direct control over $700 million. He refused to take it. Bring on the idiotic liberal pinheads, including the HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT who has absolutely no idea what the hell she is talking about and a liberal court system and you have a decision that kills the right of a state to decide for itself what is best.

The court said that the governor has NO POWER to refuse ANY of the PORKULUS money. So, not South Carolina is giving up the fight and taking all of the money. As well, they are going to be strapped with all of the strings that come with that funding.

I truly feel for those who say they were going to lose their jobs because of it. Sorry. If I lose my job I will go on unemployment while looking for another. I don’t care about what kind of work. I will seek a job in my field, anywhere in the country, until I either find one or am forced to work outside my field.

The liberal mantra is always the same: we will cut services because we cannot find anywhere else to cut. So, people will cry out and scream bloody murder that those opposing the spending are hate mongers, anti-this or that or whatever other slanderous term they can think of.

I won’t say I hope that things turn from bad to worse just to spite them, that is totally against what I stand for. However, I firmly believe in the deepest part of my heart that this country is completely screwed. When the funding ends (imagine that, just in time for the 2012 elections) then we will be right in the same spot we have always been in, just a whole lot deeper in debt. Wat then? Shall we dig even deeper for even MORE money? When does the ride end?

I think the teachers that were losing their jobs SHOULD lose their jobs. NO, not ALL of them, but I have no doubt that a large portion of them spent years pressing the Progressive aganda to the hilt. Look where it has brought our country.

IDIOTS. They have killed states’ rights even further. Soon they will go the way of the Pontiac.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

How Many Debunkings Of Global Warming Are Needed

I cannot even begin to replicate what the post said.

Just go here.

There you will find an awesome post regaring the debunking of a paper that supposedly proves that the South Pole is melting away,

More to read here.

IDIOTS. When will they learn that our science need not PROVE anything, only show the cases where THEIR science is stupid.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Meghan McCain Is Truly A RINO Idiot

I do believe the Republican Party can be a safe place for the gay community

Ya think? Did you not realize that there ARE gay members of the Republican party? The problem is not that Republicans are against gays. The problem is that the Democrats do a much better job of convincing gays that they are victims. Actually, that is pretty much the liberal agenda. Categorize you into a multitude of groups, let you know what atrocity is being propagated against you, and watch each group fight for itself. As long as you are not united, they are happy.

President Obama said that he was going to repeal ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ and I think me and a lot of other people are still waiting on that

You have never served in the military, so shut up. This has been tried and it was a BAD idea. The volume of quality people you will lose are not worth it. I served on co-ed ships. The problems there were rampant. Numerous SAILORS were lost due to pregnancy and disciplinary reasons. Now you want to explode it that much more?

I don’t care who you are, but as a heterosexual man, I promise you that there will be some SERIOUS morale issues. I am in no way homophobic. One of my best friends is gay. But that does not mean I want him to see me walking around naked in the shower and/or berthing. Unless, of course, you plan to have segregated ships/battalions.

to promote abstinence among teenagers, calling it “not realistic for this generation.

Above all, this comment got me fuming. Where does the bar stop? When we give up on promoting abstinence, what then? Protection? Do you have a daughter? A son? Until you do, shut the hell up. While I am not naive, the fact remains that all of the protection in the world will not help. 99% successful, remember? That leaves 1% to chance. Something I try to teach my kids a LONG time before they are ready. And when you are hot and heavy into it with your partner, and you realize there is no protection, what then?

Abstinence IS realistic. Kids everywhere are engaging it. Better would be for lazy parents to get involved and actually teach kids right from wrong (and enforce it). The fact that you are a slut should not mean we have to bring our children to your compromised position.

Please. Just join the Democrats and be done with it. It is the dilution of principles like you, Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe and, yes, your father that has brought the United States to its knees and on the verge of disappearing into history.

Shut the hell up and go away.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Go Joe Go

Joe Biden is a conservative bloggers wet dream. Everything he says is ripe fruit begging to be picked. Throughout the recent months (indeed, past couple of years) he has given us much joy, as his verbal miscues mounted like a Beethoven crescendo, each one peeling away another layer of ineptitude until, this past weekend, he exploded like an overripe melon.

The juices sprayed everywhere, until even the liberal media reported the sticky goo covering them.

Check out what he said, and why we should fear the death of Obama. Very muchly.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?