Let The Party Begin

UPDATE: Get involved! Find out where you congressman or senator is having his or her townhall and go speak with them!

Our elected leaders are now on recess. Sounds sort of stupid to call it that, but I guess when you have a bunch of bully-like school children up there, going out on recess is a fitting term. They are coming to a neighborhood near you. Are you going to greet them with open arms? I say that we greet them with torches and pitchforks.

Let’s take a look and see just what they (and Glorious Leader) have done in the past few months:

– Passed a 787 BILLION dollar stimulus that promised to ‘save or create’ 3,000,000 jobs. Unemployment would not go beyond 8%. None of it is true. 2,000,000 jobs have been lost since then, unemployment is nearly 10%, and they are now claiming that it wasn’t supposed to be a ‘quick jolt’ but rather a 2 year program.

– Passed SCHiP ‘for the children’ and pay for it with taxes on tobacco. Who pays when tax revenue plummets due to less smoking?

– Passed a 3 TRILLION dollar budget. I cannot even comment on that.

– Installed 40+ Czars to oversee virtually every aspect of every industry.

– Completely screwed up a simple program called “Cash For Clunkers”. In a side note, they tried to gain access to business’ computer systems illegally so that they could monitor and snoop what was on the system.

– Nominated a woman who thinks being Latino means you will come to better conclusions that a white male and who believes policy is made on in the court.

– Visited Cuba and called a brutal dictator the ‘ultimate survivor’

– Apologized to the world for pretty much everything that America has done for the past 200 years.

– Said that they don’t have time to read the bills.

– Classified a natural gas (CO2) as a pollutant and put together legislation to regulate it.

– Mislead about 47 million people not having health coverage, when many are by choice, illegal, etc.

– Proposed a health care package that costs over 1 TRILLION to START, but refuses to examine a bi-partisan bill that is shown to be revenue neutral and actually would start making money in future years.

Can we go on? Yes. Leave us your comments on what YOU think is the worst of the past six months.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

11 thoughts on “Let The Party Begin

  1. ahhh I like it! Succinct – umm don’t forget putting tax cheats and criminals into Cabinet positions. Insulted and abandoned our closest Allies while doing the above mentioned apologizing. Classified anyone right wing as an extremist and a domestic terrorist…
    I will be back soon with more I am sure! 🙂 Great post!

  2. The present administration is nothing more than a vampire, sucking the blood out of our economy.
    The very fact that they deplore “profits” should tell you something.
    Companies cannot print money, the Fed can.
    Is that a profit ? NO ! It creates inflation while manipulating the private companies in this country, i.e, the health care bill.
    The car companies, insurance companies, banks.

    Obama’s “transparency” is a bold faced lie.
    See any transparency now ? And you never will, as long as this thug is in office.

    America is paying attention, and we have a great memory.

    Obama is going to have his head handed to him soon.

    Common sense will prevail.

    2010… we vote again.

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