Take A Gander At The Geese


Sound familiar? I have been hearing it more and more lately. As the slumbering giant slowly stirs to life, it is rolling over on top of the happy little geese who have all fallen in behind one another to waddle, waddle down the road. Now, however, they are getting squished, poked and prodded and they do not like it.


All of these kooks are showing up in droves to the offices of elected leaders, to townhall meetings and planned protests. Their voices are getting collectively louder and the geese cannot understand what is happening. So, like all wild animals they revert to what they know best: Quacking loudly, flapping their wings and running around in an effort to scare the enemy away.

Unfortunatlely, it is to late. Their precious Global Warming, in the form of a runaway government, massive deficit spending and continued ignoring of the people has begun an irreversible thaw. The frozen, silent majority is no more.

We stood by as the geese incessantly quacked about President Bush. We sat idle, disliking but accepting the freedom of speech, as the geese slandered, made fun of and attacked the former president for eight straight years.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot. If you cannot stand the heat, too damn bad. It is our turn in the barnyard. Make way. Real America coming through.


The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

16 thoughts on “Take A Gander At The Geese

  1. No truer words have ever been spoken. My dimming faith in what’s best about America is strengthening. If I may paraphrase the empty-suits wife, I’m “finally becoming proud to be an American…. again.”

  2. Well said Navy.
    The cockroaches always run when the light hits them.
    The American People have our hand on the switch, and the congress critters don’t like it.

    Great post.

    2010…we vote again.


    America is starting to pay attention.

    What are we up to now, 44 czars ???

    Contempt Elitists have to go. I want common people with common sense.

    They are not afraid of U.S. anymore, that’s the problem.

    later bro…

  3. I am so with you on this issue. Unfortunately, though in the end, I’m sure we will be right, the damage will already have been done. There is no stopping this government machine. They are marching us all into the preverbial river. Being an American will not be what it used to be. Remember the Native American many years ago with the tear running down his check as he watched people, I think it was littering? That is me today, as I realize more each day, of our freedoms being eroded. I love America, but one day I may have to leave her, while I can still remember the America I love.

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  6. Excellent post – love the imagery and metaphor.

    Keep on kickin’ the statists… America is indeed starting to wake up. Now is the time to accelerate the scrutiny and demand accountability.

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