More And More Intolerable DHS Stupidity

Someone PLEASE get rid of this waste of our Creator’s effort running the Department of Homeland Security.

As if saying that enforcing border security is wrong, raids on illegal business activity need to stop and Canada is to blame for the terrorists gaining access to the United Sates and perpetrating 9/11, Janet Napolitano is now saying that we need to repeal Real ID. This law requires that states verify whether or not a person getting a drivers license is a legal citizen or not.


Did not democrats whine and wail until the commission was established? Did not they wail that the measures be implemented? So we implement them and now they need to be repealed? Why? Because some states don’t like footing the bill for verification? Get this TRAIN WRECK of an IDIOT out of this top security position NOW! My God, what the hell are they going to do to our country next?

It really takes a lot to get me going on a rant like this, but I believe their intention is to drive us all to the point of becoming extremist bent on removing them from power; all so they can say “I told you so.

I will not wish for anyone to bring harm to this fool, but is it wrong (or extreme) of me to wonder if spontaneous combustion can really occur to a person?

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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