The Real Cost Of Free


Some in the media have no issue using the term; Rush, Hannity, Beck, and others have called our current administration socialist and borderline communist. As pointed out by Michelle Malkin, however, 53% of Americans believe that capitalism is better than socialism. 53%. That is a scary number. I mean, do people not realize just how much things will cost us when the government begins to provide all services and necessities?

One need only look around the world to see just how this works. Look at some of the best examples of this system:

  • Canada – average wait time from getting a referral from a general practitioner to receiving a treatment was 17.3 weeks in 2008
  • France – a system of compulsory, employer-based insurance, for instance, is the third most expensive in the world (behind Switzerland and the U.S.) and runs a regular deficit, despite the fact that French citizens pay an effective 18.8% income tax for their health coverage
  • U.K. – While single-payer systems have proven comparatively more successful at controlling costs, this has come at the expense of high-quality patient care. All of these systems are characterized by waiting lists and other forms of rationing.

Statistics are out there. This is just Health care. What will be the cost of other FREE services that are going to be given?

FREE money for college if you volunteer- which is paying you to volunteer and which is being looked at to become mandatory.

FREE energy. OK, not FREE, but forcing you to be energy efficient; using less gas, buying a more expensive hybrid vehicle, making your home more energy efficient – all worthwhile, but costing much more out of pocket.

FREE money in the form of a ‘refundable tax credit. How can you get a tax cut if you never pay taxes in the first place? If you get a refund of all or more of your annual assessed tax, you don’t pay taxes. For example, while deployed in the Navy, I was in a tax free zone. That year, I got a huge return, bit paid hardly any income tax. That was because of all of the ‘credits’ I was able to claim. I paid no tax that year. How many are like me, that received a return greater than the amount of income tax paid? And, of course, who is footing the bill for those getting extra money back?

Are we getting the picture? Getting stuff for free is not going to be free. I imagine it is going to be more expensive than we think.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


8 thoughts on “The Real Cost Of Free

  1. getting stuff for free is only free when you don’t pay taxes…like a former employee of my husband. Said employee has 6 children, lives in a house with no heat and major plumbing issues. Of course had enough deductions so as to have no withholding taken out of paycheck. However, every year got a HUGE refund from Uncle Sam. Bought a high tech high $$computer with all the bells and whistles with the last one (said employee is a Major online Gamer you see) Kids still go sleep in their coats and dishes still get washed in the bathtub……..

    true story

    • Laura… ignorance will ruin your life.

      This woman should go and visit her local library and check out some personal finance books.
      However ,…she won’t because she has no pride.

      Her kids are getting electronic gizmos, when she can’t provide heat for them.

      Her priorities are backwards in my opinion.

      I was raised a conservative.

  2. Saw this on Michelle Malkin’s site. excellent !

    Socialism= you have 2 cows. the government takes them and gives them to someone else.

    Communism= you have 2 cows, the government takes them and shoots you.

    Capitalism= you have 2 cows, you sell one and buy a bull.


    GREAT SITE, I won’t hold the navy thing against you.


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