Obama Foreign Policy Starts To Show Results

UPDATE: maybe Glorious Leader is learning? He now wants to continue some of the same TERRORISM policies of G-Dubya!

Unfortunately, the results are not that impressive. First, Somalian community organizers try to take control of a US flagged tanker delivering much-needed supplies to Kenya.

Now, it seems, these same organizers have taken control of a US owned tugboat. Check here for story updates.

Change we can believe in. No one fears the USA any more because our Glorious Leader cannot be bothered to even comment on the incidents, while our Secretary of State just laughs about it all.

A rough four years indeed.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

11 thoughts on “Obama Foreign Policy Starts To Show Results

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  3. Retirednavywill –

    First, learn how to spell.

    Second, no matter what the president does you people will criticize because you don’t want him to succeed. You are just a typical right wing nut job.

    Last, just to give some clarity to your deranged mind, the reason Obama has been keeping quiet is that he does not want in any way jeopardize the operation by giving any indication of our planning. This is military protocol dummy.

  4. First of all, thanks for pointing out the error. As you stated, I am a dummy. I blame my public school education. If only they had spent MORE money at our school, I would be educated more better.

    Second, you have no clue who I am or what I think (outside of what I put down here). My opinions are based on the policies being exhibited and nothing more.

    Do I want him to fail? Of course. But, it has nothing to do with being a right wing nut job. It has everything to do with the fact that what he is doing to our nation is flat out wrong.

    Please explain to me how spending 4 trillion dollars more will get us out of debt. Please explain to me how promoting more and more taxes on not just ‘the rich’ but everyone will make our lives better?

    With regards to the pirates, I know full well what military protocol is. And getting in front of the camera, condemning the pirates and reaffirming our stance with respect to negotiating with terrorists would do nothing to compromise anything.

    As a typical left wing nut job, no matter what Glorious Leader does you will defend him and make excuses for him; in the same vein that you spent 8 years telling the world what a fool and devil Bush was.

    Thanks for stopping by, though. With the exception of the (typical left wing) personal attacks, your point of view is appreciated.

  5. “Do I want him to fail?” “Of course”..

    You are entitled to support any leader or party you so choose..This is America..!

    But to want and publically announce your desire for the President of Your United States to fail..!

    Off to Guantanimo with you I say !!

    retirednavywill You are a pathetic disgrace for an ex serviceman…

    This country needs to stick together now more than ever….

    And if you have a problem with the sitting President…then write or visit your local elected representative and present your opinions in order to change and affect present governmental policies..but in no case should you openly
    declare your desire for a sitting President to fail…
    because if our president fails..then America fails…

    Do you want America to fail ? Your public statements border on Treason..and are JUST PLAIN DUMB !

    Wake Up ! Grow Up ! Or Just Shutup..!

    Personally I want to concentrate on fixing America..and not having to put up with the likes of you..

    Whether you are Demorcratic or Republican,Left or Right,
    You Never Wish For failure ! What is wrong with you !

    Pathetic and Counterproductive..

    ” If only they had spent MORE money at our school, I would be educated more better.”

    Please do not make above attempts at high brow humor.

    You know as well as I do that you are using sarcastic humor to hide the fact ( I suspect) that you are a small minded ,undereducated,underachieving, vicious,malicious person..

    Please Go Away ! America does not need you in her hour of need !! Your inane comments are counterproductive,laced with ignorant anger,just plain dumb and borderline treasonous!

    You should also give back your retired navy pension….YOU DO NOT DESERVE IT !!!!!

    With All Due Disdain..


  6. Unfortunately, you mistake my desire for failure to mean I personally want him to fail or that I want America to fail. What I want to fail are his policies that are driving this country away from what it was intended to be and into a one-world, government owned and controlled state.

    THAT is what I want to fail. I support the president when he works toward what I believe is right for the country. Thus far, he has shown little of that. (UPDATE: I openly SUPPORTED GL’s signing off of the action taken against the Somali pirates this past weekend. So there. In that I am glad he did not fail, nor did I wish for him to fail.)

    You state that I can support whomever I choose then say my comments that I want what he is doing to fail border on treason?

    I guess the First Amendment means nothing any more. I juts hope that you were as venomous in your response to those who berated President Bush for eight years as you are toward me. At least I am not wishing for his death. Just the death of his idiotic policies.

  7. Well put, rnw, well put. It seems to me your debate skills are well-honed.
    Two questions here;
    1)It appears to me Mark may be a good speller, but to my thinking, he left out a word in his commentary ( ‘to’ before the word jeopardize). You see, I was taught how to construct sentences during my period of public education. 🙂
    2)In the middle of Kevin’s drivel he states he wants to concentrate on ‘fixing’ America’s problems, yet he makes no mention of HOW he plans to do such…care to let us uninformed, uneducated, underachieving(as Kevin put it) individuals in on your GRAND PLAN to get the good old U.S. back on track? Oh, and don’t go spouting liberal, progressive talking points. I look towards this country’s rich history to Know THAT alone DON’T WORK!!! What do you have in mind, Kev?

    “If you don’t LOVE America…
    …why don’t you get the HELL out!!!”- John Rich

  8. RetiredNavyWill– Will you celebrate Obama’s conduct during the Somali kidnapping? He only had 17 briefings and released the Navy to use any necessary force to get our guy home. You are part of the reason I am no longer a Republican. I hope like hell Obama succeeds in getting our economy back on track and making headway in the Middle East. I want this country to prosper, not suffer so my ideologies can be confirmed. You really must think the rest of us are pretty damn dumb to believe that “I want Obama to fail” is a patriotic statement. I say this with great pleasure, you should be ashamed. You are no better than the left-wingers in the 60’s-70’s that wanted the Vietnam war to be a failure so they could confirm their antiWar ideologies. I am not an Independent politically and I am very very glad I have distanced myself from people like you. You and your kind had your chance to control the country the last 8 years, and its the reason we are in this recession/depression/2 front war. If you cannot understand that we need to try other things rather than make the same mistakes that got us to where we are, then I really am sorry for your public school education. I abhore the wellfare system as it exists right now. I think it encourages lying and laziness at best, drug use and crime at its worst. And I have always agreed with conservatives that throwing money at the people won’t do any good. They have to be educated and get ahead on their own merits. Despite this assertion, you think its wrong to increase funding for the public school system? The internet is the gas station bathroom wall of the world where anyone can say anything they want without having to be personally responsible, so I hope you aren’t serious when you say that you want our President, and thus our country (you can’t split them, they are one the next 4 years just as they were the last 8 years) to fail. My uncle died in 1970 in Vietnam and I cannot imagine that there are people who would welcome his death to further their agenda. I cannot imagine that you, being a Vet., can say you hope his policies fail, thus putting our men and women still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan in even more harms way. You really should be ashamed.

  9. Again, it seems that my point is not being understood. I hope like hell our country succeeds as well. But for the life of me I cannot see how this abortion of spending will do anything by crush our economy.

    Tell me how it will happen? Trillions spent in just a few short months, by both Bush AND Obama. The so-called stimulus is a band-aid to buy political votes. What will happen when the money runs out? Another stimulus?

    The government cannot create wealth. Most of the ‘shovel ready’ projects are for the states who must pay the worker. When the road is done or bridge built, we will be right back where we started, but with massive debt to boot.

    Then comes the payment. How will we pay? We will pay through inflation. This, again, will drive the economy down even more. Then come the real taxes needed to cover it. If you cannot see my point on this, then the point is moot. We will agree to disagree.

    I would like to note, however, that the economy was growing for the first 6 years of Bush. I will agree that the mismanagement of Iraq has done a lot with regard to excessive spending, as did the abortion of Medicare ‘reform’ under him. That has been my gripe from the get-go: too much spending. Too much government interference. And, recall, we LOST control in 2006, so your 8-years in charge argument is false. And, recall, that the reason we are in this mess is because CONGRESS failed to act on the warnings about Fannie, Freddie and the housing market. I suggest you watch the C-SPAN videos of the hearings and actually LISTEN to who is saying what- i.e. conservatives saying we need to fix them and the DEMOCRATS saying that it was crying wolf and that nothing was wrong. The only reason people say ‘Republicans’ are to blame is because Bush was president, and the hatred flowed from the minute he was sworn in.

    As to the Somali pirates, I have already said I supported his decision. He made the right call in letting the SEAL team do its job. I will continue to support him when he does. And as to Iraq and Afghanistan, again, I have already supported him. I don’t want to stay in Iraq any longer than needed and I fully support taking the battle to the fringes of Pakistan.

    I will say it until I am blue in the face and you can rail against my opinion all that you want. If Obama continues to press this Nanny, One-World, Welfare-Driven State, then I WANT HIS POLICIES TO FAIL. If he succeeds, the country I served, that my brother serves and that your uncle paid the ultimate price for (and for which I truly AM sorry) will be gone. And no matter what people think of me and my ‘writing on the bathroom wall’ I will continue to do so.

    I am not ashamed. What I am ashamed of is that people have to personally attack me to get their point across. That is our difference. I welcome your comment with an open mind. But the minute you get personal, you lose all credibility.

  10. Retirednavywill,

    You are dealing with stupid Obamabots. They will only wake up when the Saudi King force them to kneel for him.
    And by the way, Iam Christian, that mkes, me, vets and all Mayflower passengers terrorists. But you cannot use the term to describe AlQuaeda murderers. WOuld that be because they bow to the same king Obama bows? Or are there blood ties?

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