Inflate, Lie, Mislead, Repeat

The new stimulus-related jobs report is coming out. In it, Glorious Leader claims that the $787 Billion Porkulus Package “saved or created” some 600,000 jobs. His economic guru says it is more like 1.5 million.

How can you say jobs are saved or created when we have lost millions more than we created? I am talking NET results. I freely admit that if you spend billions of dollars there will be some jobs saved. You might even manufacture a few new positions. But this crap about saved or created has got to go. Our unemployment rate is pushing ten percent overall (40% in parts of California!). The president’s own expert said that all of the simulation we are going to get has already occurred. Excuse me?

My argument is, and always has been, what do we do when the money runs out? Cash for Clunkers gave a great boost to the auto industry. Now what? More programs? What about the electronics folks? Why did we not save Circuit City? Do we not want Best Buy to have competition? The housing industry got a great boost from the $8,000 tax credit for new home buyers. Now they want to extend it until April, and some want to expand it so every home buyer will be eligible.

When will we stop? If I bribe my kids enough they will mow my lawn and do the dishes. What happens when I stop paying? So will the chores. It is the exact same with American citizens. If you agree to pay them enough they will blindly do what you want. But, like every government idea, we- the tax payer- will then have to permanently foot the bill. Otherwise we are right back where we were but with a huge bill to pay.

I think we need more economists and CPA’s in congress and many less lawyers.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

One thought on “Inflate, Lie, Mislead, Repeat

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