Will The Real Gitmo Please Stand Up

We had better run to Texas and grab that evil Bush guy and send his butt right down to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where he belongs. He is probably being lambasted by the local Texas media and a refreshing jaunt down south might just be what the doctor ordered.

After all of the media hype, after all of the cries of liberal pussies about how horrid the conditions  are (yeah, those Game Boys are just, like, totally rotting their Islamafascist minds), a report now finds that the infamous prison does, in fact, meet the requirements of the Geneva Convention
You mean. Bush. Didn’t. Lie. 
Could there be some improvements? Sure, but why? Even if minimally, the requirements are met, and they are PRISONERS, not vacationers. Why make it comfortable?
Duck and run, boys, the liberal crazies are sure to start spitting venom over the voracity of this report. Heaven forbid there be some actual proof that Hopey One Kenobi has no clue about the matter and relies totally on the MSNBC reporters to get his intel.
Can we now STFU and get back to basking in the glow of the $13.00 a week I am about to get from the government? Geez. Some people have to ruin everything.
The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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