And So It Begins

So His Excellancy, as President-Elect Obama is called by Ahmadinejad, claimed to be an agent of change. He told us that we needed to put aside immature politics and work in a bipartisan way to get our country moving again. 53% of America agreed with the Pied Piper, and so here we are at a historic moment in our lives.

In an effort to reinforce his good will and bipartisanship, to show the nay-sayers that he really does want to move America in a direction away from politics as usual, our newly elected Fearless Leader appoints perhaps the most partisan person in the Democratic party as his Whitehouse Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. He has a handful of former Clinton cabinet members on tap as candidates for other key positions. John Kerry is reportedly looking to be Secretary of State.

Change… yeah.. I can see that… changed from one leftist regime to the new Obamanation. I get it. Really.

Buyer’s remorse, anyone?

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