Imagine That!

So, dear readers, what we have been saying all along is corroborated by the Pentagon. Just yesterday, President Bush went on the offensive about Guantanamo. He said that for all of the countries who bitched about our keeping TERRORISTS locked up in Cuba, not a single one of them agreed to let them be moved to their country for holding while awaiting trial.

Imagine That!

The reports are all around, letting the world know just how good the TERRORISTS in Gitmo have it, including hot meals, video games and time to pray as they see fit. Of course, one will never see it reported in the media, as it is not good slander against our troops or the president.

Imagine That!

Now, it seems, that the folks in the Pentagon are opening up about an interesting development on the battlefield. It seems that some of those poor, misunderstood TERRORISTS who were allowed to be let go because they were ‘illegally’ detained as TERRORISTS in Cuba are now showing up in increasing numbers as attackers against our troops.

Imagine that!

For all of you liberal bitches who continue to whine about what we are doing to protect our country, SHUT THE #$@! UP (edited from original comment with apologies for getting all worked up) and stay in your hidey-hole, while we go out and do what is NECESSARY to inflict pure retribution on the TERRORISTS who seek to destroy us.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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