A Good Cause

I added a link to Social Vibe in my side bar. Take a minute to hit the link for me and help us find a cure for Diabetes.

Why that disease? Because Diabetes can be a contributing factor to so many other things and my family has those who are afflicted. From young to old, Diabetes has no remorse, affecting all equally harshly. So lend a hand. Just by clicking through, sponsors will donate to the cause.

We need to find a cure soon, before our government health care plan collapses any desire to continue with innovation. After all, the main reason drug manufactures put funding into R&D is to make a profit. If the government runs the system, and they refuse to pay a fair price, researchers will move to other fields. So help out now, before it is too late.



The revolution is at hand, will you be a leader or a follower?