The Real War Effort

While we all sit around and fee sorry for ourselves, while we bitch about the media and its obvious bias, how we are not as well off as the guy down the street, remember that there are those putting much more on the line than we.

Our troops are spoken about with reverence(usually). Every politician (mostly) tells about the great job the men and women of our fighting forces are doing. I would hazard a guess that well over 90% of America talks positively about them.

But talk is cheap. What are you actually DOING to help our troops? If you truly want to make a difference, then watch this video and learn.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

First Things First

I have decided to try my hand at blogging. While my friends will tell you that I am by no means an introvert, and that I don’t have much issue speaking my mind, there are just some things that I will keep to myself; there are some things people find personal enough that when you bring them up it just winds up ruining a perfectly good relationship.

This political season in the US, however, has me fit to be tied. With that, I decided to put my thoughts down here, for good or for ill.

I am 43 as of this writing, a former member of the military, father, husband and a leader of young men. I have no stake in any political party, but I do have a stake in my country. Which is why I am here before you now. Keep the flames to a minimum. I welcome a good debate if you so desire, so feel free.

Thanks for stopping by.