Al Queada Recruiters In Minnesota

Glorious Leader may wish to appeal to their ‘moderate’ side, but the terrorists known as Al Quaeda, who are 100% Muslim, are still out there targeting potential suicide bombers. They could care less who is occupying our highest office, the fact remains that they hate our way of life just because we refuse to treat our people, and in particularly women, according to their barbaric doctrines.

Today, the FBI raided some money transfer offices in Minnesota, where these bad guys are recruiting Somalian disenfranchised youth to the cause. Hopefully this recent incident will start to awaken Americans to just how close this threat is.

We already have commented on the training camps within our borders. We have recruiting going on right under our noses. EVERY member of Al Quaeda and other Middle Eastern terror group is MUSLIM. So when those folks of Muslim decent are targeted by police forces, I find it hard to fault the law enforcement folks.

Like Michelle Malkin says, however, stand by for CAIR to raise the roof over this. Even if convictions result.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Terrorist Training Camps On U.S. Soil?

As reported on 2/16/2009, FoxNews (via Sean Hannity)  reported on roughly 35 para-military training facilities located throughout the United States.

Their ‘sheikh’ hails from their parent group in Pakistan. Watch the segment and tell me that our country is not headed for a major incident; if not between liberals and conservatives, then between foreign nationals and red-blooded hillbillies.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?