Some Things Are NOT Funny

I follow Robert Stacy McCain’s blog almost daily (The Other McCain). I rarely comment, because… well.. what he says usually doesn’t need to be commented on. I just accept what he says (mostly) at face value, pick what I need from his words of wisdom and move smartly onward.

But today I cannot resist posting a comment to his post. He informs us of something as horrific as anything the liberal media could drum up regarding Bush and his Evil Empire. Why? Why would you try and scare our society like some McCarthy throw back? 

Leave the scare tactics to Obama and his flunkies.

For shame, sir.

The post?

Read it here.

The penultimate sentence is enough to send one packing for the Appalachian Hills. 

(and if you cannot see my satire here, you are lost, my friends)
The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?