SPPI Monthly CO2 Report

From my favorite global climate change folks:

SPPI’s authoritative Monthly CO2 Report for June 2009 reveals that global hurricane activity is at a 50-year low, casting doubt on the accuracy of projections that “global warming” would lead to more intense hurricanes. These and other disasters that are said to be happening are not happening.

Imagine that. The cooling trend has been affecting the ocean temperatures, which in turn reduce the amount of energy picked up by hurricanes. The report continues:

The IPCC assumes CO2 concentration will reach 836 ppmv by 2100, but, for almost eight years, CO2 concentration has headed straight for only 575 ppmv by 2100. This alone halves all of the IPCC’s temperature projections.

Since 1980 temperature has risen at only 2.5F (1.5C)/century, not the 7 F (3.9C) the IPCC imagines.

I will continue to be a man-made global warming denier for as long as simple facts refute the alarmists’ claims. I am no climate guru. I see the facts. I believe that we have lots of work to do in cleaning up our environment. But calling a naturally-occurring gas as a pollutant? Sorry, I don’t buy it. And until you chicken-little eco-freaks present me with something reliable and proven, go back to your labs and write reports designed to garner you more grant money.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?