The Other Unsecured Border

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin piggybacks on my post 🙂

Mexican President Felipe Calderon said that the law passed in Arizona this past week was a violation of human rights.

Whose rights, exactly, are being violated? Not mine. Not yours. Not the guy down the street. Maybe he meant one of the thousands of illegal immigrants who cross our border every year? In that case, too bad. They have no rights here, other than the right to life. If they want the rest, they need to get into line.

Back in 2006, Calderon said

he planned to strengthen security at his country’s southern border with Guatemala, which is used by thousands of immigrants seeking to reach the United States each year. Calderon said he planned to increase the police presence at the border with the hope that it could become the ‘door to development rather than the door to crime,’ in a speech at the border town of Tuxta Chico.

He said

the new force would include federal and state police as well as immigration agents, who would also combat corrupt border officials that were allowing undocumented immigrants across the border.

Perhaps El Presidente is worried that all of those Guatemalan immigrants would displace the hard-working Mexicans crossing over to the US? Explain to me, again, how it is alright for Mexico to clamp down on their border with police and troops, but we cannot enact laws to protect our people and land? In fact, we ENCOURAGE Mexico to block their border. We help FOOT THE BILL to deport people, because it costs a measly $22 dollars to send them home from Mexico, but around $1700 from the States.

Come on libs, tell me how I and my Arizona comrades have it wrong?

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

It’s GaffeTastic

The arrogance of this administration is unprecedented. Everything done is done in an effort to make them look pretty and to get people talking about how smooth and hip they are or how much SWAGGA they have. When will the media frenzy end? Personally, I think that in the end they will be hurt by the continual pressure, as the average citizen can only take so much of the incessant self-promotion.

Case in point is our new Vice President, Joe Biden. Joe has a habit of shooting from the hip, something I do not fault him for. He has, upon occasion, given our side much food to chew on, but his latest ‘gaffe’ I do not understand. Joe went on on a news program and said that he, personally, would avoid planes and subways. Ok, nothing wrong here, if you want to avoid getting sick. One DOES avoid closed in spaces.

So why, then, does the administration rush to get a correction out? He only meant planes to Mexico (even though he actually SAID that eh did not mean just going to Mexico)? Well, as Doug Powers points out, I guess it is a good thing that we avoid the subway to Mexico as well.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower.