Culture Of Corruption Continues

With the bankruptcy of GM it is expected that there has to be some change. With any restructure, the courts help to adjust contracts and liquidate assets so as to allow the business a good chance of fixing whatever ails them.

In this case, however, there is something amiss. First of all, in an effort to “help” themselves, the company is closing (read: ripping up the contracts with) many of its dealerships. While at first this sounds like a good cost-cutting effort, the fact is that these dealerships pay for the vehicles when they receive them. GM already has received its money so closing these businesses does NOTHING to help them.

Secondly, a lawyer involved with the case took depositions from some of the management on the inside of GM. What they claim is that they felt it was VERY BAD BUSINESS to stop their association with the dealers, but that the WHITE HOUSE was dictating to them that the businesses needed to go. There is still no word as to how these particular dealers were targeted, but there have been reports rumoured that a large (read- interesting) number of dealers who were supportive of the GOP getting cut.

Is this true? Michelle Malkin reports that there is a link between those dealers who remain and supporters of the Clinton’s(i.e., DNC supporters) is more than interesting. I, personally, and purely on a gut instinct, think this is a hatchet job on GOP supporters. What better way to get the business community in line than to strong arm them? If they know they had better play ball or see their company ruined or taken over, who will stand against them?

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

World Wide Protesting

“Opal must not die, and Opal will not die.”

This came from the head of the labor union in Frankfort, where 15,000 GM workers gathered to protest GM saying they planned to cut 46K jobs worldwide. He was speaking about the GM auto made in that part of the world, of course.
“Yes We Can” signs were everywhere… wonder why they said that? A push for Hopey Kenobi to do something for them?
More protests happened in France, Spain, and pretty much everywhere else where the loser company has businesses.
I find it funny that a recent Rasmussen poll has 50% of Michigan people think the company (which lost $84 million a day last year)  needs to be cut loose. 
Let. Them. Fail.
The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?