No Such Thing As Baby Steps

From the NYT today:

The House and Senate approved budgets of about $3.5 trillion for the government on Thursday with no Republican support, a sign of deep partisan tensions likely to color Congressional efforts to enact major policy initiatives sought by President Obama.

On the heels of House approval of its spending plan for 2010, the Senate voted 55 to 43 shortly before midnight to adopt a similar budget after a day spent laboring over politically tinged amendments that did little to change a fiscal blueprint generally in keeping with Mr. Obama’s ambitious agenda.

So there we have it. This congress has just spent more money in one shot that the entirety of budgets since the United States was founded. They are spending so much money that France and Germany say we are spending too much money. I fear for my nation’s future, because with everything that is contained in the proposal our economy is going to be driven into the sewer. Nationalized Health Care, Nationalized Banks, Nationalized Auto Industry, Nationalized Energy, deep cuts in the military; if you are not having buyer’s remorse at voting for Glorious Leader you are stupid and foolish. He has managed to accomplish in less than three months what the Soviet Union had been trying to do for decades- he has brought us to the brink of destruction.

I don’t mean armageddon, fire and flames, holocaust destruction. I mean something much worse. I mean that everything that our fathers and forefathers have done to make this the greatest nation on the planet is being erased. Our liberties are vanishing under the proposal of a global government. Our constitution will no longer give us our sovereignty, but rather it will relegate it to the status of a ‘local guideline’ by which we make our local laws.

Empty Suit and his fellow conspirators are driving the bus to TransNationalization faster than anyone ever imagined. Nationalized Banks, Nationalized Health Care, Nationalized Auto Industry, Nationalized Energy, deep cuts in defense spending, soon our laws and edicts will be under the scrutiny of a world body and if they do not like it, we will adapt to meet with their satisfaction. It is coming. The winds are ripe with the smell of rot and decay and the Eagle is choking back the tears in an effort to stay aloft. I pray for God to help us; and the scary thing is that I asy it with the utmost sincerity. Gird your loins, brother, the buss is barreling towards the intersection.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Get Your Kids Into College

Before the slot is given to an illegal alien.

Like every other federal program, the cost would be incredibly lower if we would just take steps to ensure that only LEGAL citizens receive the benefit. Health care, schools, WIC, housing and a host of other social programs are designed to help ‘poorer’ people, but in fact dole out billions annually to those not even here legally.

My father-in-law’s son came to the US and actually was offered a mortgage on a home at significantly better rates than me just because he was an immigrant. California is going bankrupt in its effort to try and feed the masses- even the illegals. Now, as is wanted by Glorious Leader, House Democrats and RINO’s have re-submitted the DREAM Act, which is just a covert means of giving illegal aliens federal money to go to school. Of course, with slots being limited, this means that YOUR son or daughter will miss out if you do not reserve them a slot now.

And, of course, this NEW spending is just more on top of what has already been proposed. Un. Be. Lievable.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Mandatory Volunteerism Has Arrived

The beating of the “I told you so” drum is getting monotonous. Did you really think that having the ultimate liberals in charge of congress combined with an inexperienced whelp in the White House would lead down any other path?

Examine, now, the latest piece of legislation called for by Glorious Leader.

See a partial explanation here.

Can we call for a do over? I am HOPEFUL there would be a radical CHANGE in the outcome.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Bowny Fwank ith Not A Libawel

Not that there is anything wrong with taking free money in exchange for your vote in congress, but I just cannot stand that self-righteous S.O.B. from Massachusetts. Hence I shall mercilessly attack him any chance I get.

The Jawa Reports has the story of who gave to this corrupt-o-crat, when, and how much.

I am in the wrong business. I want all of my friends to start donating to MY cause. I promise, I will speak nicely of you on my blog. :/

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

More Proof Of DEMOCRATS Being Racist

A couple of days ago, a large monkey brutally savaged a 55 year old friend of its owner. The police wound up shooting the ape. A tragedy, yes, but an avoidable one. I won’t detail it here, but the old woman owner (in her 70’s) should never have been allowed to keep the chimp.

A cartoonist for the NY Post drew up the scene of two police officers, guns out, standing over the dead chimp. No big deal, right?

The caption read: “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”

Now, for me, the intent was clear; The cartoonist likened the crazed ape to a crazed congress that put together an abortion of a legislative package and rammed it through congress despite an outpouring of public dissent.

But, of course, our famous Democrat race-baiters came out in force. Led by Al Sharpton, they protested and picketed the paper and its advertisers, thus extorting an apology from the paper.

Why is it that the only ones crying race are the Democrats? I, for one, have yet to see any conservatives doing the same. I guess that the only ones who see race in EVERYTHING are those who are racist.

Read more on the subject here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Democrats Are All Raaaaaaaaacist

Don’t like it when i say that? Too bad.

Democrats are racist. They started the KKK. They tried to prevent the Civil Rights Act. They put all ethnicities into their individual groups and then tell them how they are victims.

White men are the trouble. White men are stopping you from getting what you want in life.

Even the senior Democrat representatives are starting to spit the same hate. A few Conservative governors say that they do not want the money. They do not believe it is a good thing and that it will actually hurt the economy.

Nothing like being able to voice your opinion, right? In doing so, Mark Sanford, Bobby Jindahl and others are now being accused of not liking blacks.

Yep. THAT is why I don’t want to partake of the destruction of our society. It is all because of the blacks.

In the words of my Company Commander in boot camp, “Shut the f**k up.” When there is a White History Month, come and get me to discuss racism. Until then, look around. it is not conservatives spitting the hate, it is the liberals and their brain washed minority brethren.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Actual Cost Of The Generational Theft Act

As I go on like a broken record, those Democrats and Independents who wanted HopenChange are going to get it big time.

Check out the Heritage Foundation’s estimate of the final cost of this monstrosity after 10 years. I am not even going to put the number here because it hurts enough just looking at it.

In unrelated news, some are reporting that The Wicked Witch of the West (Pelosi D-CA) has said that the only way congressmen will be allowed to get a full copy of the bill (as opposed to the ‘summary’ she provided them) was to swear an oath that they would vote ‘yes’ to the bill…

…so.. you have to promise to vote yes before you get to actually read the additional 700 pages she and Reid added?? Interesting development in the Pelosi era. She has already changed House rules to prevent the minority power from submitting alternatives to proposed legislation. This step is just one in a long line of more to come, thus ensuring a bastion of immovable Democrat control.

Thanks to all of those out there who could not see the true intent of this administration for the hatred of ‘evil’ George. Many of you are my friends, but you have been totally fooled by these corrupt-o-crats.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

When Presidents Lie


Obama made it to TV to express how bipartisan this stimulus fiasco is. Yep. All 3 RINOS who voted for it must speak for the entire Senate GOP.

The ZERO House Republicans and ELEVEN House Democrats who voted against it showed more bipartisanship. The fact that we are even calling this crock of stuff remotely bipartisan goes a lot to saying how nice we are trying to be.

The fact is, this bill will kill our economy. More than one economist says it will, and the CBO has the numbers to prove how it will tank us even further. Obama even says those SCIENTISTS who proved that FDR’s spending in the New Deal actually prolonged the depression are wrong. (He, the apparent ultimate economist, is right??) A one-year minimal growth followed by a collapse even further than we are now.

But through it all, we had not heard Obama lie about the bill. He tells it as he thinks it should be. But to stand in front of the cameras tonight and blatantly LIE about there being “Not a single earmark” floored me.

The so called ‘trimmed down’ Senate bill is, actually, $19 billion more than the House. See how that works? Y0u inflate it so you can then cut it and claim you were helping the folks.

This bill is nothing but one BIG earmark. The only reason they got three RINO votes is because the two from Maine are just trying to get a share of the haul for their state- country be damned. And Specter is just an idiot who cannot leave his former Democrat ways.

So the vote will come soon. The cloture vote passed 61-36 with two non-votes. (Cloture means no more amendment submissions, I believe). This means that in the next day or so the Senate will vote on it and send it to House-Senate committee for final drafting.

I’m scared. Really scared. I was just getting used to the USA as she is. Now I’ll have to read up on France and Germany to figure out how things are going to start working.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?