Insane Republicans Reveal An Insane Budget Plan

From a comment I made at HuffPo. My head nearly exploded while reading the comments there to a retarded article saying the Republican budget proposal was stupid:

I find it interesting how Obama is ‘helping working class’ people by raising their taxes? 60 cents on tobacco, which a larger percentage of low-income people use, cap and trade to protect against the fallacy of global warming which results in a significant rise in energy costs (via taxes).

Bush started the ball rolling, no doubt. But that does nothing to excuse the abortion of spending being thrown about now. I imagine most here prefer that the government own and run everything, dictate all aspects of the economy because it is not fair that some guy did well and makes a fortune while the next guy was not so lucky.

I say that if we are going to dictate salaries, we start with pro sports and Hollywood… do that, and i will stand with you on the issue.

With regard to the article, I agree that it would be nice if you links proved the point. You t’proved by history’ link is an opinion paragragh that has no facts other than the assertion that ‘Hoover knew better’. Well, I say that Hoover was an idiot.

There. Proof disproved.
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Some Things Are NOT Funny

I follow Robert Stacy McCain’s blog almost daily (The Other McCain). I rarely comment, because… well.. what he says usually doesn’t need to be commented on. I just accept what he says (mostly) at face value, pick what I need from his words of wisdom and move smartly onward.

But today I cannot resist posting a comment to his post. He informs us of something as horrific as anything the liberal media could drum up regarding Bush and his Evil Empire. Why? Why would you try and scare our society like some McCarthy throw back? 

Leave the scare tactics to Obama and his flunkies.

For shame, sir.

The post?

Read it here.

The penultimate sentence is enough to send one packing for the Appalachian Hills. 

(and if you cannot see my satire here, you are lost, my friends)
The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?