America Could Learn From Iran

When the people get together to protest what they feel is wrong, it can be a powerful and scary thing.

Case in point: The recent elections in Iran. The hard-liner, Ahmadinijad, won re-election but many people feel that there are serious issues with the election. To protest, they have taken to the streets. When will America show such passion for what they believe in?

Answer? Probably never. We are all about screaming at the TV, but have very little motivation to try and change things. Thus, we will continue to be led around by the nose in whatever direction the government wants us to go.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

Too Good To Pass Up

So I was doing some research, so to as better serve this blog community now that the elections are over, and came across something that is absolutely too incredible to NOT put down here.

From a time article written in 2006, I learned that Mahmoud Ahmadinijad was elected in 2005. His campaign cry? (This is a no BS item now)

“We can do it.”

Now, if you add to that President-Elect Obama’s slogan of “Yes We Can” and you have the makings of a VERY interesting story. For the slogan “We can do it, yes we can!” was first delevered in Britain, in 1999 by none other than Bob The Builder! They can’t even get an original slogan, and we expect them to run our country??

*Forehead slap*

(EAGLEEYE NOTE: In actuality, Bob would say Can we fix it, yes we can… but the similarities are to striking for me not to parody. For those with kids who watched, there were many times where the characters combined ‘We can fix it’, ‘we can do it’, ‘yes we can’, etc etc. Too rich, if you ask me.)