Healthcare Post Passage, Part II

Several states, including Florida and Virginia already, are filing suits against the Federal government. The claim is that the mandates on private citizens to purchase a product or service that they do not want is unconstitutional. I am of the personal opinion that they are right on the money.

However, there are many who disagree. The argument that I hear, and that has been the subject of some heated debate between me and some liberal kids I go to school with, is

Well, they make you buy car insurance, so why are you not griping about that?”

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Child, come here so that dad can school ya.

Number one, why are you being made to buy this insurance? Is it so that if you get in an accident that your car can be replaced? Is it so that you will be taken care of should you be injured? Some would say yes, but I disagree.

The reason that you have to have insurance is so that if you hurt SOMEONE ELSE. In an accident if you are at fault for someone getting injured you won’t go broke paying their doctor fees. Your insurance will be charged the cost, from which you pay a deductible. I could care less if you get hurt for being an idiot on the road. But if you hurt me or my family, you should be responsible for paying the cost of repairs- body and car.

Number two, and more importantly, driving a car is a PRIVILEDGE. As a condition of being allowed to drive a car, you are mandated to be insured. That is not the case of health insurance. By mandating that individuals buy health insurance that they do not want or can afford is akin to placing strings as a condition of citizenship. If I refuse, I can be fined, jailed or both.

Healthcare is not a right. There is nothing in the CONSTITUTION that says it is. There is only the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom of Speech, religion and the press. Beyond that, there are no rights that can be given by any man (or government).

If you disagree with the Constitution, lead the charge for a constitutional amendment. If you can get it changed, I will cease to use it as a shield against creeping Statism. Or, better yet, move to a country where healthcare IS a right. Either way, until one or the other occurs, as a citizen you are obligated to follow the rules set within the document.

Therefore, it is against the Constitution to mandate that I purchase some product I do not want. Next will be a mandate to buy energy-saving crap for my house. The Cap and Tax bill last year had provisions that said I could not sell my house until I got it up to code regarding the latest energy efficiency guidelines. Another government encroachment on my freedom and liberty.

The fight will go on. I promise you that. I will work hard to ensure the Constitution is upheld. And, you should too. Regardless of your view on the bill recently passed you should be VERY concerned over just how it all went down.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


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