John McCain Is An Idiot

The man is a war hero, of that there is no doubt. But as a political figure, he has done enough damage in his 20+ years in congress and the senate. His shamnesty attempts, his support of exploding government spending, his inept campaign finance laws are bad enough. But now, the man is trying to get the federal government involved with dietary supplements. He wants the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to monitor and regulate the industry.


For the record, the FDA does not have the best track record in town. Thousands of people die every year from drugs that were SUPPOSED to be safe for consumers. How many cases have there been regarding people dying from dietary supplements? NONE in 2009, that I am aware of. The closest thing was a few years back when people had some problems with ephedrine (sp). But regardless, the number of cases is minuscule compared to the over-medicated society in which we live in.

What is the reasoning behind this? All I can think of is that Senator McCain is playing to some major lobby who wants to force people away from natural and holistic methods of treating illness and into the billion-dollar medical world. This is the entire reason why prices are skyrocketing now. People don’t CARE about cost so they overuse the system. Every time a child gets a runny nose or a slight temperature they are off and running to get the much-needed drugs from the doctors.

We need to take a cue from the Swiss, who reduced their costs by banning many of the common antibiotics being prescribed like candy at a dentist. The people actually built up immunities and were able to fight off infections on their own. Many staff infections were becoming resistant to the drugs but now are much more under control. Imagine that. Use common sense, take control of your OWN life and quit relying on everyone else.

Retire, Mr. McCain. You deserve it; and so do we.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


3 thoughts on “John McCain Is An Idiot

  1. He’s a discredit to his family and to the US Navy. Total joke. From his liberal tax beliefs to his regular ‘slurping’ between sentences. The man is a total idiot.

  2. McCain has been a loser all his life. He stole a place from a qualified candidate at the Naval Academy because his father was a high-ranking officer. Then he goofed off for 4 years and finished 3rd from the bottom in his class. Then he crashed multiple planes costing the military millions of dollars and got himself captured by the enemy. He then came home and dumped his crippled wife and family for a rich socialite whose connections and money got him elected to the Senate and now he is taking up space in the US Senate trying to destroy the reputation of hard working Americans while he can’t even remember how many homes he owns. Stupidity or dementia? John McCain is a disgrace to this nation.

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