Haiti – A BAD Proposal

I feel for the people in Haiti. They in no way deserved what they got two weeks ago when a massive earthquake demolished the capitol of Port Au Prince. However, the world either needs to put up or shut up. France claims we are just occupying there. Italy says our humanitarian effort is garbage and we are not doing anything right. The ignorant dictator of Venezuela says that we caused the earthquake when we tested a weapon we were planning to use on Iran.

What the hell? How about we just pull out all of our aid and send ZERO relief effort? I am not just talking about Haiti, but all around the world. How about we just stop sending billions around the world in support of all manner of afflictions. Where was the rest of the world with its gobs of money and aid? If they are not going to put up, they need to SHUT THE HELL UP.

Now, there are some in congress saying that the USA needs to issue work visas to those in Haiti wanting to relocate here until things are better in Haiti. Excuse me? Do these people not see the massive issue we already have with people illegally over-staying their visa? Opening the flood gates for hundreds of thousands of dislocated Haitians is BAD VOODOO for the States. Those people need to be quiet as well.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


6 thoughts on “Haiti – A BAD Proposal

  1. I agree that other countries have no right to criticize our efforts in Haiti, however, I do think that a LIMITED number of visas could help. These visas must be given priority though as to how many are issued and for how long they are valid. It is unfair to classify all visa programs as bad; this would be a gross generalization.

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    Editor in Chief, The Mid-Atlantic Post

  2. I have no problem with issuing visas to those wanting to emigrate to the US. But the sheer NUMBERS being proposed could be a major issue.

    Visas to those being adopted, sure. Help families reunite, sure. ALL orphaned children? No. Everyone who wants one? Certainly no.

  3. Indeed, we certainly cannot take everyone. That makes the need for continued aid and support from the US to Haiti even more pressing.

    Editor in Chief, The Mid-Atlantic Post

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