Gaffetastic VP Involved With Bad Goings On?

Last year our illustrious VP (Joe Biden for those who forgot we still HAVE a VP) made some comments to UAW workers in his home state of Delaware. Now there is nothing wrong with giving a good, Rah Rah fist-pumping speech to those who have lost their jobs to GM closing a plant. What is NOT cool is the fact that the speech given by the VP indicated he had inside knowledge to the detailed plans of a company who bought the plant, leading to questions regarding the $500 million loan (at taxpayer expense) given to the company and how Mr. Biden was involved.

Judicial Watch is investigating and has filed suit. Looks to be interesting times as one by one the corruption pillars get yanked away from the criminals in congress. I hope that ALL of them (L to R) get pounced and trounced.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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