Your Daily ClimateGate Briefing

Michael Mann, he of the Penn State Office of Climate Extremism, is “under investigation” by the university to see if his involvement in ClimateGate warrants any action (duh! Of course is does).

My personal opinion of this is that he should be fired, regardless of his status or tenure. Mann conspired with the East Anglia University climate goons to find ways to stifle dissent by changing the rules for peer review. He actively conspired to hide information by deleting pertinent emails that were being requested by a Freedom of Information Act. That alone should land him in jail. However, as much grant money (TAX DOLLARS) he brings in for his religious research (which is obscene) this will be swept under the rug by those UNIVERSITY MEMBERS who are investigating.

Michelle Malkin has more on her site.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


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