Revisiting Hiroshima

The bomb dropped out of nowhere on a cool morning in 1945. The day exploded like a blazing sun as “Little Boy” vaporized an entire city. The world stared in shock as the pictures of devastation began to filter into the news pages.

The ghost of that day is upon us, as in the state of Massachusetts another shocking occurrence of near-biblical proportions has erupted. GOP hopeful Scott Brown has just been shown to be polling AHEAD of the would-be-crowned-princess Martha Coakley. For those living in the deep reaches of the wilderness, who are unaware of what is going on, there is a special election this Tuesday, January 19th, to fill the vacant seat of the late Ted Kennedy.

Massachusetts is as blue as any state in the union. The fact that there is a real chance for a Republican to take the seat bodes ill for the majority party. The senate seat has been held for 30 years by a Democrat and Coakley has been walking around like an already-confirmed corrupt-o-crat.

Send money. Brown’s campaign has been Earth-shattering to say the least this past week and it needs to continue. Donate anything you can, from $5.00 to $2500. Keep the heat on and bring this thing home.

In the words of one blog commenter: What can Brown do for you? Break the Democrat supermajority!

UPDATE:The locals are getting restless. Glorious Leader to the rescue.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

4 thoughts on “Revisiting Hiroshima

  1. As a 34 year veteran police officer in the Commonwealth I will tell you that the peace officers in the state are endorsing Brown. That might be all you need to know about our current Attorney General Marth Coakley. Politics is local as Tip O’Neal stated, we’re a big union state and we tolerate our Democrat representatives because on local things they can be helpful. We were recently reminded what happens when a far left wing governor is elected in a Democratic monopoly and we’re feeling the sting of it. Unfortunately our Federal Government followed suit and is using our Commonwealth as the model of what it wants to accomplish… a one-party government with citizens totally beholden to its elected officials for survival. This election, however, has awakened the patriots and may be another Concord where another “shot heard round the world” will take place. Brown is going to win this election fair and square. They’re going to try to steal it from him and deprive the majority of voters of what we want however. The only thing that will prevent it is if the entire country pays attention and monitors what is taking place. If not then we’ll have another situation where they steal the election like they did with Senator Coleman and “Stewart Smally.” They’ll do it in the big cities where they can get away with it. We need outside media to monitor them and to keep them somewhat honest or it will happen.

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