Al Gore Can Save The World

Myron Ebell has an article over at Icecap that everyone should read.

If we took all of Al Gore’s books and had a massive book burning, just think of how many homes in Britain we could heat! Record low temperatures are occurring around the world, and not just in the Northern reaches. This past week, Cuba set record lows as well, with temps around 5.3C.

Imagine that. Sun spot activity is low. But not only that, the magnetic field around the sun, which drives the sunspots, is at an ALL-TIME low. The low magnetic activity correlates to low sunspot activity, which correlates to cooler temperatures. Do I now qualify as a climate expert?

Of course, our Glorious Leader completely ignores the facts and calls for a few BILLION more to pump into the job-killing green movement. Is it November yet? Geez.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


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