Thoughts Of Hood

UPDATE: Clerk County Politics has it right

I have been thinking about what I feel following the attack at Ft. Hood. I thought about it, thought about the soldiers, their wives and children, their families. I thought of the family of the shooter, of other veterans like me and what they are going through. I have listened to the media jump right in and say “not to be hasty in deciding if it is a terrorist attack.” I heard the president – the same one who jumped right in and called police out when they “acted stupidly” in arresting a belligerent friend of his for acting even more stupidly – say that we should not “jump to conclusions” until all of the facts and evidence are weighed.

After all of that, I have come to one resounding thought:

FUCK the shooter. He is a Muslim murderer. He sought to contact known terrorists. He spoke about infidels warranting getting their throats slit. He spoke hate about America. He purposefully killed 13 soldiers and wounded nearly 30 more. Why is their no cry of anger and denunciation from C.A.I.R.? Where are the Imams and their vocal cry of rage at this horrendous TERRORIST act?

They claim to be the religion of peace. Why do they not promote it? Why do we cater to their demands? Why are we so afraid? Why do we maintain our Politically Correct attitude? Where is our BIG STICK? Try and execute this asshole in one day. It won’t bring back the dead, but the living will have some sense of vengeance. I am not one to call for violence, but an eye for an eye.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

4 thoughts on “Thoughts Of Hood

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  2. good timing on that ‘other mohammed’ dc sniper getting the lethal injection.
    o’hitler has nowhere to run too, and no slimey rock to hide under. I prayed for the real God of heaven and His Son Jesus to give hasan dreams and visions of both heaven and hell, to come back with full facilties to tell the only Way to heaven, and it sure ain’t thru killing for allah !!

  3. Since I got home this evening I have read no less than half a dozen articles going over the blatant premeditation of Hasan’s actions, his ties to the 9/11 terrorists, his ties to the Obama administration, his desire that the throats of all infidels be cut….etc. I’ll post links to Twitter, Facebook and my own blog as I get a little time…..that said…I find myself completely INCENSED that this guy was OBVIOUSLY on more than one person’s radar and yet this tragic event happened anyway? I’m even MORE pissed (though not surprised) that Bam Bam has taken almost a week to show his sorry ass at Ft. Hood….I don’t think he’s fit to speak to the soldiers and their loved ones!

    Here’s a comment from my son Army SPC Carter regarding Hasan giving things away the day before the shootings……thought you’d appreciate it: “You dont give shit away if you dont plan on going to Allah to receive your 72 fat 40 yr old still lived at home with his momma, sittin around naked eatin cheetos virgins…..thats right terrorists, you dont get hot virgins, you get world of warcraft virgins….because this is America”

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