Rape Isn’t Really Rape

Roman Polanski is a sleezeball. Thirty years ago, when he was 44, he was at a friend’s (Jack Nicholson) . There also was a 13 year girl. He drugged her and then raped her.

From the AP:

Polanski was charged in 1977 with raping a 13-year-old girl he plied with champagne and Quaaludes. He served 42 days in jail, but fled when a plea deal collapsed

And now that he has been arrested, the left ahs been screaming foul. They say that it was over 30 years ago and that the girl has since forgiven him. WTF?? Are we such a corrupt society that we feel it is ok to let a CRIME of such stature pass on by? Where do we draw the line? Why not let Charles Manson out? After all, it has been years since it happened. Surely he has paid his dues.

Whoopi Goldberg, on The View this week had the audacity to say that he “didn’t rape rape her…”

Excuse me? Please define what Rape Rape is for me. Is that only half as bad as Rape? Or is doesn’t count because the girl, completely doped up and drunk, said ok?

Do you have children? If you do, and you agree with Whoopi, then you should be part of the eugenics program suggested by White House advisor Cass Sunstein. We are, truly, a country on the skids.

I don’t give a damn WHAT your party affiliation. Raping a minor is a criminal offense that needs to be punished. There is no statute of limitations. The man is lucky the girl was not my daughter. Rape charges would be the least of his concerns.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


6 thoughts on “Rape Isn’t Really Rape

  1. War has been declared. Time to fight & stop talking to these ppl. No middle ground with these folks. Either split the Country or lets fight it out & see who wins. Ppl who think rape is rape or ppl who think it’s allright because he’s got money & it was a long time ago.

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  6. Just a note/oppinion (should be a law): rape and molestation should be punishable in the same way, we here in Texas do it, for murder. Capitol punishment i.e. death! My oppinion of this is simply because: in a case of murder, someone was taken advantage of and harmed or killed. In cases of molestation or rape, the same occured so the same should be punished. I do not have children but my feelings are very strong on this and have been since I began having an oppinion. Oprah’s comment is proof she hasn’t experienced any such occurence (God forbid), as well as, her pure ignorance of humanity. If a person is proven beyond a shadow of doubt of such crimes, FRY ‘EM!!!!!! (or gas ’em)

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