Yes I Am A Slacker

I have been having really hard time trying to find something, anything, interesting to blog about. I could, par usual, grab headline stuff and slap it up with some links to other sites reporting the same, but to be honest, I have been getting increasingly wearied by the barrage of garbage being thrown at us.

I am just a guy. There are millions of guys (and gals) out there like me who are feeling as frustrated and helpless to what is going on around us as I am. I have to say, then, that I am most grateful for not only this blog, but the hundreds of supporters and well-wishers I have met through Blog Talk Radio, FaceBook and Twitter. If not for them, I would have exploded long ago.

Let us get back to blogging. I have slacked enough these past couple of months. It is time to carry on the fight. Question with boldness. Consequences be dammed. I have long since stopped fighting for myself. Time to fight for those who cannot- my children, my friends and family and you. I don’t know if keeping this blog up will make a difference. But it makes a difference to me.

Hope you will continue to stop by and comment. Your support is always appreciated.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower


4 thoughts on “Yes I Am A Slacker

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