What I Learned At The 912 DC March

Holy S#!t!!

I was talking on the phone with my friend and fellow Blog Talk Radio host Daria DiGiovanni when that phrase slipped out of my mouth. She asked me what had happened, and I had to convince her that nothing was wrong; quite the opposite in fact, as I had just seen the crowd of people gathering at Freedom Square.

It was only about 9:30 AM and already the square was overloaded with people. When I say overloaded, I mean O v e r l o a d e d with patriots of all shape, size, color and religion. Everyone had come for their own reason, but the underlying theme was that they were there to get SOMEONE in congress to hear their voices. Congress is out of control and We The People want some accountability and recognition of what WE want.

So, to begin with, a few not-so-obvious items that need to be discussed.

1. It did not matter what state, country or planet you came from. The crowd was broken down into basically two types of folks: Those who were Pittsburgh Steeler fans, and those who were not.

2. Putting Porta-potties in a long line down near the capitol building was GENIUS. You only had to get through about 300K folks to get to them. Did congress draft this layout?

3. Conservative chicks are SO hot.

4. There is NO WAY that this event was a professionally choreographed affair, funded by Big Oil or Big Anything. If this were a liberal event, there would have been professional bands, giant jumbotrons, state-of-the-art sound and confetti dropped from giant hot-air balloons. The only reason we cheered and clapped for speakers was because those up front started it. We couldn’t hear crap from where we were directly across from the capitol steps (where the speaking platform was). 🙂 But the funny thing is, we didn’t care.

5. Did I already mention that conservative chicks are hot? (Just see the Boob and Transparency Czars. Yowza!)

The event went so well. It was not so tightly scripted as to be inflexible. This was evidenced by the fact that the march began earlier than planned. Apparently, so many people were arriving at Freedom Square (i.e Holy S#!t) that they could not hold them all and began marching to make room.

Daria and I marched along, meeting up with another fellow BTR host Premo and his friend Dave. They had come up by bus from Tennessee. We all walked, singing God Bless America, the Star Spangled Banner, saying the Pledge and chanting “USA” all the way from 14th Street to the Capitol. Do you hear what I am saying? Pennsylvania Avenue was packed with people for 14 blocks. Even when the Capitol lawn was full, the streets were still packed. The mall was overflowing with people. It was a solid sea of red, white and blue.

The entire event was peaceful. To my knowledge, there were NO REPORTED ARRESTS. None. No ACORN or SEIU sightings. No people counter-protesting (though I heard that there were a couple of small groups up in the mall). When we left, the ground was litter-free. An officer whom we spoke with commented that he had never seen people going around to police their own trash. After the innauguration of Glorious Leader, it took them a few days to gather up all of the trash from the green movement supporters.

This was my third protest- ever. Two in Orlando, and now this one. Each time I get more invigorated with what I see and hear. I doubt that congress will listen, but they now know we are here. Even MSNBC reported “Hundreds of thousands” had arrived to protest in DC. At first, they called us “nut-balls”. Are they getting wise to the movement? It will be interesting to see where they go with it.

Regardless of how the media spins it, we know. We were there. For everyone who attended, there were 5-10 others who could not be there. We have jobs. We have lives. But, more importantly, we have a country. And nothing on this planet will stop us from defending it to our last breath.

More coverage here. And here.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


6 thoughts on “What I Learned At The 912 DC March

  1. Excellent!!

    I thought to myself how many of our older generations showed up. It was amazing. Already bloggers on the left complained about how the seniors could afford to make the trip. Shameful, but unfortunately it seems to be the trend for some.

    I looked at the sea of people on my tv screen and I was proud. Generations with generations of patriots. This was a teachable moment for the young and this is once instance where it takes a village to raise a child rings true.

    God Bless the mothers, sisters, brothers, friends, fathers, sons, daughters and the patriots that sacrificed their time and resources to make a stand! It was not a Hollywood production. It was a day of reckoning and a testament to our resolve to keep that which so many have spilled blood for during our short history as a republic.

  2. That is so amazing that you were actually there. I watched on TV and cheered. That crowd was a beautiful sight! Isn’t it something that GL flew the coop to Minnesota or wherever he was? What a manly gesture.

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