Media Masters

With everything going on around us, it is easy to lose focus on some of the other things still out there waiting in the wings. There is still Cap and tax. There is still the Gun issue. There is still Card Check. There are numerous and varied things out there, each one with the potential to usurp yet more power from the people.

Also out there is the big, right-wing propagated conspiracy theory known as the Fairness Doctrine. Those who understand the issue know that bringing back this ancient ceremony launched by the FCC would be a bad move for the administration. So instead, they have publicly said that the Fairness Doctrine is not going to be reinstated but behind the scenes they are enforcing localism.

What does that mean? It means that if a station does not conform to what the FCC says, the license will not be renewed. Instead of a 7-year renewal, it will be a one or two year renewal. Private stations will be forced to pay a ‘tax’ equal to 100% of its annual operating cost. What will that money be used for? It will go to National Public Radio, which are RIVALS of the private companies. So, without calling for the Fairness Doctrine, they are forcing it upon private industry.

Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh discuss it and put it in good terms. If you don’t watch Beck, you should. He is conservative, yes, but he attacks both parties with equal fervor.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


8 thoughts on “Media Masters

  1. Let’s vote them all out and start over.
    The liberals have a little over a year to show these policies down our throats.
    Obama knows that his time is limited, and has lined his “cabinet” with extreme left liberals, communists, marxists, tax cheats, crooks, thieves, and other people that are positioning themselves for future endowments by the legal system controlled by the federal government.

    Have you ever heard of a government employee going brankrupt .

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  3. Glenn Beck is doing all he can to get the truth out to the people. We must pray for him and pray that he can continue.

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