And So It Begins

UPDATE: And so the next great cause is presented with Ted Kennedy’s name on it. Gird your loans, fellow citizens.

Before I begin, I just want to reiterate- Michal Jackson is still dead.

I say that, because last night Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) died from his year-long battle with a brain tumor. I completely disagree with any of his policies, but my heart truly does go out to his family as they mourn his loss. That said, I am girding my loins against the inevitable flood of media coverage that will occur in the coming days. And, knowing our unbiased media, those days will become a month. There will be TV specials highlighting his checkered life and in the long run I imagine there will be a date set as a national or state holiday.

Make no mistake. Through all of this excessive media adulation, Michael Jackson will still be dead. His fans will still have something to mourn.

Now I said last night (to my Twitter followers) that I was going to give the left their mourning period without badmouthing Ted Kennedy. I really don’t know the guy personally, so my criticisms would be leveled at his policies, not him or his family. There are those out there who still call him a murderer for an accident many years ago that he was involved in, but other than mentioning here I won’t talk any further.

However, one of the worst presidents in American history, Jimmy Carter, came out and said today that he hopes Ted Kennedy’s death will motivate the liberals to get the currently proposed health care bill (HR 3200) passed. I am sorry. With comments like those, I state now that the grace period is over. This monstrosity of legislation does not deserve the light of day and I will work more actively than ever to see that it fails.

It is a shame, too, that Mr. Peanut had to use the death of a United States Senator to try and push a Marxist agenda. Shame on you, douche bag. Why don’t you go to Jacksonville, FL and fix some of those dilapidated and condemned ‘low income’ housing you and your elitist Hollywood bunglers built and leave the running of the country to the big dogs. You had your change. You screwed it up. Now go away.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


13 thoughts on “And So It Begins

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  2. So… Ted Kennedy is dead.

    Ever the partisan, Kennedy leaves this mortal coil hypocritically attempting to change BACK the law that he was so instrumental in changing in the first place: so when he died, the Governor of Massachusetts, now a democrat; then a Republican, COULD appoint a replacement so the fringe leftists could keep their filibuster-proof majority intact.

    Others I respect want us now to play by the rules. They want us to do the what the fringe-left nutbergers could not do upon the death of any mainstream or conservative icon: have some respect for Kennedy.

    I’m sorry. But who I’m sorry for is Mary Jo Kopechne, who this drunk killed, either directly or indirectly, so many years ago.

    Few members of the Senate have damaged this country more, though scum like Durbin or Reid are a close second.

    He’s dead. But he got away with killing someone. And NOW, FINALLY, he’s going to pay the price and experience the justice that he avoided for so very long.

    I do sympathize for his family, however. This is a yet another in the tough times they have had to endure.

    But while I am sad for them, I rejoice for my country. And for this Nation… he will not, ultimately, be missed.

    • I expect Main Stream Media to slobber all over themselves as they rush to score points with the Kennedy Family and other powerful Democrats by remembering Ted as “Saint-Like.” We’ll see the same disgusting behavior when Bill Clinton dies.

      I am disturbed by the amount of coverage and legitimacy Fox News has given to this complete scumbag of a human. I will never trust any of the politicians who have rushed to smother this man’s memory in accolades. They do so for nothing more than to score political points.

      Mary Jane Kopechne should matter. The women Ted Kennedy raped and kept quiet through threats and bribes should matter.

      The Kennedy Family has perpetuated their sense of entitlement for decades because we have let them and even encouraged them to do so. They are not above the law. They should be held accountable for their actions. Most of them are completely undeserving of the wealth and accolades we have bestowed upon them.

      I hope there is a judgement day. If there is, Kennedy and his ilk will finally get what they deserve.

      Character matters if for nothing more than one can leave this earth knowing he/she did his/her best to live an honest life with as little personal hypocracy as possible. Not perfect, but decent.

      Unfortunately, this Country has come to idolize people like Ted Kennedy. People with money who will pat you on the back, show that chemically whitened smile, and tell you they are looking out for you when they are really looking at what they can take from you – a beautiful daughter or child, your money, your ability to live with the expectation that character should be expected and delivered from you and your neighbor.

      Want to read about some true heroes? I would encourage everyone to spend time each day reading some of the stories on It should be required reading in our high schools. Students should have to interview families and friends of those we’ve lost so they’ll have a different perspective than the garbage they are fed by some of the so called “educators” in our schools.

      The messiah is not a Kennedy, nor a Clinton, nor an OBama. Instilling the Values of Personal Responsiblity, Integrity, and Self-Sacrifice (as in giving one’s life – not serving in Congress), in our people are the only hope we have of saving this Country.

  3. Condolences to his family……That said, San Fran Nancy Pelosi has already come out with a statement to the effect that the ‘health care’ bill should be re-named in his honor and it WILL be passed this year. No surprise there.
    I will say, however, that the BEST way for the dems to truly honor the man is to pass legislation that provides the SAME health care benefits to the masses that HE had access to. In other words, the same care as Congress gets!
    Anything else(such as the present bill) is pure hypocracy!!
    *sigh* Such will not happen, tho…due to the fact hypocracy is dems middle name.
    My TV will be off for the next few days (except for the NFL network—replays of pre-season games is much better than watching the National Propaganda Media deify the guy).

  4. As with all men there comes a time, when men judging men is meaningless. Senator Kennedy is being judged by THE ALMIGHTY. May GOD be merciful. God rest his soul. We will all be joining him soon enough.

    I am not a supporter of anything for which Senator Kennedy stood.

    I cannot in good faith judge his motives, his life, his politics.

    I only hope and pray that his family find peace and joy in memories of the good times of his life.

    That’s all we can wish for ourselves….and therefore what is good for us should be good for others.

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  7. We’re still paying for Mr. Peanut’s mess he made of things.

    Yes, my heart goes out to the Kennedy family also. I won’t speak badly of the dead, but I will say that Mr. Kennedy was not someone I respected.

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