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UPDATE: Why do we need to support our troops? To keep stuff like this from happening. IDIOTS!

I took a bit of time off from blogging and stuff. Just needed a breather. I had found myself struggling with what to write, and I didn’t just want to re-play what was being passed through the other blogs- although that IS part of what I do.

So for my first blog after returning, I want to encourage you to get out there and support the troops. It doesn’t matter how, as long as you are committed and willing to go the extra mile to let them know just how valuable we feel they are.

And, for purely selfish reasons, I would like to direct your attention to Boy Scouts of America. They are beginning their annual popcorn drive, and one of the items up for sale is sending popcorn to the troops. All you need to do is go see a scout and order it.

Of course, even easier, you can go online to do it. And therein lies my selfishness. If you want to do the online order, I would suggest that you support one particular scout- mine :). You see, each scout gets credit for sales, and if you go online, why not support MY scout? Here is how:

Go to the website:
In the green zone just below the banner, you will see You Are Supporting [Name]
Click the CHANGE link to open a small panel.
Enter the following number in the scout id field: 2304992

Anything you then order will give my scout credit. At the same time, you can show your support for the troops by buying either the $25 or $40 packages. While you are at it, get some for yourself.

Thanks to all that our troops do. Our prayers are with you and your family.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


4 thoughts on “Back To Blogging

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  2. Does anyone who fought for our country feel as violated as I do? I am not military, but, feel like OBAMA and the cronies are giving our country away. All the rights that were so valiantly gained and kept during our wars are being cast aside. I feel like we are going more toward a communist dictatorship. The government has no right to tell free people they have to buy government run healthcare. Isn’t is bad enough to give away billions of tax dollars to clunkers, banks, and all the other PC Causes. What happened to capitalism? I agree the Clinton & Bush eras caused too much deregulation on mortgages and banks. There is an answer-let the market decide. The Obama plan is going to be the end of our rights as we know them. It will not fix anything.

  3. I have to wonder how the troops are feeling about their “Commander In Chief.” I call him that, even though it makes my stomach turn. I feel so badly that he is what they have to deal with. He is clueless and doesn’t even know how to hold his hand for a proper salute.

    I’ve taken a breather form blogging too. Had a busy summer but maybe things will settle down now.

  4. The troops feel the same way we felt when Carter and then Clinton had the title Commander in Chief. When people refuse to ask the questions that should be asked and then when they are, refuse to hear the answers this is what you get. A Soldier is a Soldier he does his duty because it’s important to him. More impor tant than who the Commander in Chief is.

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